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What we do

In pursuit of our mission for youth development, the TAYO Awards Foundation hosts the Search for the Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations, along with bespoke programs to advance the interests of the youth.

Here are a few of the programs that we've done in the past years. 

Search for TAYO Awards

The Search for Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations is annually held to find, recognize, and celebrate youth groups and organizations all over the Philippines who have created meaningful impact in their communities through their projects and initiatives. 



PADAYON, a Cebuano term that means to continue or to strive, is a TAYO x YSEALI Youth Organizational Development Workshop with a series of capacity-building activities to improve the organizational leadership skills of youth organizations across the Philippines.


TAYO Talks

TAYO Talks is TAYO’s signature online media show that hosts various conversations on life, advocacy, people, and all things youth-related in the Philippines.

TAYO Talks.jpeg

Adhika Fellowship Program

The Adhika Fellowship is a program anchored on the hope of rebuilding communities through human rights empowerment in the youth advocacy sector in the Philippines. It is an incubation program that focuses on the interconnectedness of advocacy-based projects to human rights.



YSEALI Manila is a one-year leadership program for student leaders in the Unversity Belt in Metro Manila. The program aims to capacitate young leaders to lead the discussion of issues in communities through creating innovative solutions and collaborative programs and policies.

YSEALI Manila.jpeg

GenTAYO: Boses ng Kabataan

GenTAYO is a continued celebration of the Filipino youth who have made an impact on their communities from across the Philippines. In line with the theme for the 20th Search for TAYO Awards, GenTAYO wants to ignite more storytellers of the Filipino youth’s impact through songwriting.


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