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The Search

The Search for Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations (TAYO) is annually held to find, recognize, and celebrate youth groups and organizations all over the Philippines who have created meaningful impact in their communities through their projects and initiatives. 

Search Categories

Culture, Arts, and Heritage


recognizes youth organizations who have constantly and creatively contributed in telling the Filipino narrative - its struggles & triumphs, its colorful past & dreams for the future, and its rich, diverse & global identity.

Education and Technology 


recognizes youth organizations who have projects that have addressed the education gaps through technology, literacy programs, science and mathematics training, tutoring sessions, alternative learning modules and other creative means in helping build a learned people.

Climate Change Mitigation, Circular Economy, and Disaster Risk Reduction


recognizes youth groups who work with vulnerable communities in effective environmental protection, climate change solutions, promoting biodiversity and ecological awareness, and disaster prevention, education, rescue, rehabilitation, among others.

Health, Well-Being, and Human Development


recognizes youth organizations with projects that address the well-being of communities through medical services, feeding programs, nutrition information campaigns, and innovative food security projects, among other efforts that build self-sustaining communities.

Livelihood and Entrepreneurship 


recognizes youth groups who push for the knowledge, skills and values of entrepreneurship, establishing sustainable and marketable livelihood programs as interventions in alleviating poverty.

Leadership and Governance


recognize youth groups with projects that center their theme on capacity development and sharing directed toward the person or marginalized communities. It also covers projects that enable the demonstration of excellent and value-laden leadership and governance practices in guiding and nurturing the next generation of leaders. 

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Search Process

Call for Applications

The TAYO Secretariat calls, receives, and verify application completion.

Validation Interviews

The Validation Teams will meet virtually with the organizations and their beneficiaries to conduct interviews based on their project’s goals, operations, and impact. 

National Finals

The representatives of twenty youth groups are invited to share their projects before a panel of judges from different backgrounds and fields of expertise.


The National Awarding takes place on the last day of activities.

Secretariat Entry Screening

The TAYO Secretariat screens and verifies organizations that have met the qualifications and criteria.

Experts Screening

The TAYO Secretariat invites various field experts, in line with the selected organizations for screening, to judge and provide feedback to the youth organization accepted in the Experts Screening. 

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Criteria for Selection

  • Impact of project entry on stakeholders recognizes the project entry’s ability to influence the change in perception, behavior, or way of life of the beneficiaries. The beneficiaries have been or are on the road to improving their previous status. 

  • Harnessing the spirit of volunteerism and citizenship recognizes the organization’s level of involvement and commitment in implementing the project. The core implementers, together with its members, led the project in the spirit of volunteerism.

  • Creativity and innovation recognizes the uniqueness of the project from existing projects and or its out-of-the-box nature of implementation. Innovation is looked-for in projects that have similar or exact implementing nature with existing projects. 

  • Sustainability and Effective use of Resources recognizes the organization’s approach in using resources to maximize the project’s impact. It also covers the organization’s plans for its community post-project. 


You must be a youth group composed of five or more members, with majority of its members and leadership aging 15-30 years old in accordance to RA 8044 otherwise known as the Youth in Nation Building Act.


You must also have a recent project depending on the set coverage for that Search year.


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