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Our Mission

TAYO Awards Foundation strives to inspire young people to challenge existing societal problems and find innovative solutions for their communities. It also allows these young people to showcase their projects to the rest of the Philippines and in effect, becomes a platform for other youth groups to replicate in their own communities.

For two decades now, TAYO Awards Foundation has been in the mission of finding, recognizing, and celebrating the efforts of youth organizations and their contributions to nation-building. 

The Secretariat

Twenty years' worth of stories has been carefully told through the help of the TAYO Secretariat by celebrating the Filipino youth efforts, initiatives, and programs in their communities. In every corner of the nation, youth organizations emerge as guardians of tradition and catalysts for progress, cultivating a rich tapestry where the threads of the past intertwine with future aspirations.

Our Founding Story

History has shown us that People Power demonstrations have successfully overthrown governments in the hopes of having a better nation. 

After EDSA People Power II, young leaders continued to prove that the spirit of People Power is not foreign to the younger generation; and that when demonstrated everyday by groups of young Filipinos, they can take on greater challenges so that our country—once paralyzed and in despair—will again find its greatness. 

Seeing that there were many recognitions for individuals but none for youth organizations, young Senator Kiko Pangilinan initiated a recognition program for excellent youth groups. In 2002, The Ten Accomplished Youth Organization (TAYO) Awards Foundation was established in the mission of celebrating the efforts of youth organizations and their contributions to nation-building. The Search was carried out under the leadership of National Youth Commission Chairperson Mabel Mamba and former NYC Commissioner Paolo Benigno “Bam” Aquino. The first TAYO Awarding Ceremony happened in March 2003 at Malacañang Palace. 

When TAYO began as a little-known award given for youth groups, it has since evolved into a widely-recognized honor for youth groups across the Philippines. In its 20 years of running, it has succeeded in recognizing 400 youth organizations. 


TAYO Awards Foundation
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