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YECS School Supplies

YECS School Supplies
Bayugan National Comprehensive High School – Young Entrepreneurship and Cooperativism in School (BNCHS – YECS)
BCNHS Campus, Bayugan City

YECS School Supplies is a laboratory project for high school students to hone their skills and abilities with regard to enterprising. The project was conceived in 2004 when the students felt that the school canteens and consignors can no longer accommodate the emergent needs of the students because of the fast growing population. Students were forced to go out from the campus to procure school materials and students are also forced to cross the highway in front of the school which is dangerous for them. For this reason, the YECS members together with their adviser came up with a great idea that could possibly help secure the safety of students and can also provide income for the members while they are studying.

This noble project of the members in 2004 has grown so much. The organization now caters the needs of the whole populace through selling and trading school supplies. The members also have grown from 15 in 2004 to 225 this school year.

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