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University of Cordillera – Hapiyoh Mi Cultural Group

Number of Members: 56
Location: Baguio City

Project Entry: “Summer Cultural Workshop”

The Cordillerans have a rich culture that if not taken care of, it might vanish and will be neither seen nor experienced by future generations. This is one of the major reasons why the University of Cordillera – Hapiyoh Cultural Group conducts “Summer Cultural Workshop,” which aims to educate the Cordilleran youth of their rich cultural heritage.

The group teaches their young participants Cordilleran music, dances, and practices for free. As a culminating activity, the participants showcase what they’ve learned through a Cultural Concert witnessed by their families and teachers. Not just that, college scholarship grants are also given to those who will make it to the Hapiyoh Mi Cultural Group given that they pass the criteria for the scholarship.

The Hapiyoh Cultural Group is a performing group of the University of Cordillera – Center for Creative Productions. It was established in 2000, and since then, they have received different recognitions. Today, the group has been considered as the premiere Cordilleran performing arts group in the region and in the Philippines.

tayoadminUniversity of Cordillera – Hapiyoh Mi Cultural Group
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