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Tobog Day Care Center Rehabilitation

TDCC Rehabilitation: Pagrumrom Sa Guinikanan
Tobog Youth Organization
Tobog, Oas, Albay

Tobog Day Care Center Rehabilitation: Pagrumrom Sa Guinikanan is a project established to create an educational environment that will be conducive to the learning process of day care children. It is founded in the value of giving back to the community. The project believes that for children to learn more effectively and efficiently, the facility should be comfortable and child-friendly since day care program represents the commencement of kids’ formal education. This project of Tobog Youth Organization, a group which adheres to the idea of rebuilding the bridge among the youth in the community, is their way of repaying what they’ve learned from the institution that molded every kid in Tobog.

The project paved way for helping the day care center in Barangay Tobog to be remodeled and refurbished since most of its room fixtures were too old and were accident-prone. New sets of tables and chairs were procured and a bookshelf was constructed with new books. Other educational paraphernalia such as musical instruments and toys were also bought and made. Aside from reconstructing the interior of the room, school materials were distributed to prospected enrollees of TDCC. In realizing this project, the youth participated by providing their time and service in painting, constructing and soliciting. This demonstrates the will of every youth to help the community and the educational system in the Barangay.

tayoadminTobog Day Care Center Rehabilitation
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