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The RISK Project

The RISK Project
Philippine Junior Jaycees, Inc. – Tacloban Sinirangan
Tacloban City; Tolosa, Leyte; Palo, Leyte

RISK stands for Recreate (taking actions to recreate a healthy and sustainable environment for the present and future generations), Invest (redirecting our financial, human, and other resources in maintaining a progressive society and providing remedies to social problems), Save (conserving our resources and sharing them to those in need), and Know (promoting awareness on social and environmental issues so people will better understand the prevailing circumstances affecting our society, get involved and take a stand on these issues, and contribute in effecting positive change to the entire community). The project was motivated by the aftermath of Typhoon Yolanda. The organization wanted to help the people cope with the devastating socioeconomic and environmental problems brought about by the typhoon by providing livelihood to the people.

The livelihood project is composed of two parts – a livelihood seminar and distribution of farming resources. The seminar involved a discussion of certain materials, those that are easily accessible to community residents, that is useful for the production of organic fertilizers. The organization has given the residents vegetable seedlings and farm tools so they can create vegetable gardens. Apart from this, surplus funds were generated and was set aside as a contingency fund for future needs of the beneficiaries. The project helped more than 200 residents in Brgy. San Agustin, Palo, Leyte.

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