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Experts Panel Screening
Judges' Portal

We are glad to have you in our Experts Screening Panel! This year, the Search gathered hundreds of entries nationwide in its call for projects. The TAYO Secretariat filtered those into 60 Validation Interviewees which were then further scrutinized to our top 38 Experts Screening Qualifiers.

As screeners, we invite you to provide insight in our process of selecting our National Finalists. We would also like to ask for your utmost discretion by keeping this microsite, the files herein, and the conversations during the panel screening, private and remain confidential among our colleagues in the panel.

We welcome any collaboration or mentorship you wish to extend to our Experts Screening Qualifiers. In case you have limited bandwidth, you may leave your notes and comments in your scoresheet, and we will surely include them in our mentorship sessions.



What should I prepare for the Screening?

This microsite is our one-stop shop for our Screening Requirements. We ask that you run through the Qualifiers' Briefers and watch through their Presentations before our synchronous Q&A and deliberations on July 8 or 9, whichever you are scheduled to join the panel. Feel free to also score the entries while doing so.


At the backend, we would also like to request you to fill up this form, if you haven't already, for some preliminary arrangements the Secretariat will put into place.


What will I do for the Screening?

We ask that you look over and screen the entries based on our Search Criteria. Coupled with your expertise in the field, including your track in development, we are confident you can share valuable insights.


In our synchronous Q&A and Deliberations, we are opening a short window of 5 minutes for panelists to ask some questions to our Qualifiers, you may visit the program flow here. Knowing that it might be too short for everyone to ask questions, we ask that if ever you have questions prior to the Experts Panel Screening, please write them in your scoresheets so we can be notified of any.


What should I expect for the Screening

Expect hearing different depths and scales from various youth projects. Each with a unique take on certain advocacies, they might not fit right into your wheelhouse, but we hope you still screen and these entries with an eye of hope and expectation for our young Filipinos.

Their 5-minute Question and Answer Window will be fast - no pressure to ask questions.


What are the dates I need to remember?

July 1 - Launching of pre-recorded presentations that you can access here.

July 8 -  Synchronous Question & Answer and Panel Deliberations for Luzon & NCR

July 9 - Synchronous Question & Answer and Panel Deliberations for Visayas & Mindanao.


When can I post about my involvement?

You may post about your part in the Panel after the Experts Panel Screening on July 8 or 9. One of our tokens of appreciation is by releasing a card on July 12 on who the members of the Experts Panel Screening. 

We only request that all files and conversations shared be kept among colleagues and friends in the panel. Sharing of results is restricted until AFTER official announcements are made by the Secretariat on July 12, Friday.


Can I reach out to any Semi-Finalist?

Before and during the Screening process, which is  today until July 9, 2023, we ask you NOT TO REACH OUT to the Qualifiers.

Should you wish to partner or connect with the organizations after reading about their project or advocacy, we would be glad to connect you with them AFTER the announcement on July 13.

However, if you have questions on their projects submitted to the Search, please reach out to the Secretariat, or write them in your scoresheets.

Frequently Asked Questions



These are the Presentation Briefers of the

TAYO 21 Experts Screening Qualifiers.

We highly suggest that you go through the presentations to give you a better take on their projects.

Here are a few buttons for easy access. You can also access them through our menu bar. 



These are the Video Presentations of the

TAYO 21 Experts Screening Qualifiers.

We highly suggest that you go through the presentations to give you a better take on their projects.

Here are a few buttons for easy access. You can also access them through our menu bar. 


Impact of the Project Entry

This criterion recognizes the project entry’s ability to influence the change in the perception, behavior, or way of life of the beneficiaries. The beneficiaries have been or are on the road to improving their previous status. 

Creativity and Innovation

This criterion recognizes the uniqueness of the project from existing projects and the innovation of the project concept or methodology. This is usually measured by the added value the organization has brought in addition to what already exists in the youth development space.

Ability to Harness the Spirit of Volunteerism and Citizenship 

This criterion recognizes how the organization mobilized beyond their membership base by engaging the wider community in their initiatives. This also highlights how the the organization expanded their impact and fostered a sense of collective responsibility and active citizenship among the broader population.

Effective Use of Resources

This criterion recognizes the organization’s approach to using resources to maximize the project’s impact. This looks into the management of financial, human, material, and other resources and how they were maximized to achieve the project’s goals.


This criterion recognizes the organization's plans to ensure the project's survival post-completion, including measures to sustain the work beyond the current situation. The golden moment of sustainability is when the organization transfers project ownership to the community, ensuring ongoing impact.


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You may access your respective scoresheets through the buttons below or through the google sheet link that we shared with you in your email. Should the scoresheets be inaccessible, or you still have not received any notification, feel free to contact the team via or the contact number below.

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Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact:

Rhyn Esolana

+63 999 221 1757 | @rhynanthony on Telegram

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