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TAYO Launches 12th Search for Outstanding Youth Organizations


I refuse to call this generation a me-generation but indulge me in changing it, as proven by the youth in this room today, in calling it a we-generation, or rather, a TAYO-generation, because ours is a generation that innovates and finds solutions for the welfare of this shared world, for the welfare of our country, the Philippines.”- CARLA CUCUECO, SPEECH DELIVERED ON BEHALF OF THE TAYO AWARDEES AND FINALISTS, MALACANAN PALACE, 06 FEBRUARY, 2014.


In the past 11 years, Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations (TAYO) Foundation, Inc. have seen how youth organizations revolutionized our society through social innovations. The works of TAYOaffiliated youth groups have shed greater light on the needs of persons with disabilities (PWDs) and children with special needs; they have allowed for controversial issues such as HIV/AIDS, prostitution, and sex to now be discussed more openly and more constructively. They have mobilized communities and resources against disaster and hunger, for the environment and education; and they have maximized their available, innate skills and talents to find sustainable solutions without the traditional, “it can’t be done” attitude.


This year, TAYO continues to seek for ‘stories of change’ as the 12th Search for Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations (TAYO 12) officially launches today. TAYO Awards Foundation and the National Youth Commission (NYC) will be accepting entries from all over the country until the deadline, 30 September 2014. TAYO Search is held annually to provide duly-deserved incentives and recognition to the country’s best youth groups, thus, encouraging youth involvement in nation-building and best practices-sharing among organizations. It also maintains a yearly-updated database of the nation’s youth organizations.


Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines, Inc., the Search Presentor, grants Php 50,000 to the 10 winning organizations and Php 25,000 is granted to the other organizations that make it to the National Finals. Apart from the prestigious recognition, the winning organizations receive an especially commissioned trophy sculpted by Mr. Toym De Leon Imao.
Entries will be evaluated using the following general criteria: (1) Impact of the Project Entry to Stakeholders; (2) Harnessing the Spirit of Volunteerism and Citizenship; (3) Creativity and Innovation; (4) Sustainability; and, (5) Effective Use of Resources.


TAYO 12 is open to all youth groups, organizations, clubs, and societies whose membership and leadership are composed of at least 15 youth members (15-30 years old).Established in 2002, TAYO Foundation is the only known award-giving body for outstanding youth organizations in the Philippines. It aims to discover and laud exceptional youth organizations that have contributed to the development of their local communities, schools, or work places, through their innovative projects. To date, more than 1000 youth organizations have joined the search and are now part of the fast-growing TAYO youth network.


To know more about the search, information is available in An online entry form can be filled out at the TAYO website. For inquiries, TAYO Secretariat can be contacted through text at 0917 TXT-TAYO (898-8296) or e-mail at [email protected]
TAYO Year 12 is organized by the TAYO Awards Foundation, Office of Senator Bam Aquino, and the National Youth Commission. Presented by Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines, it is sponsored by SMART, Aboitiz Equity Ventures, Jollibee, Philippine Airlines, SM Foundation and Lenovo.



tayo.secretariatTAYO Launches 12th Search for Outstanding Youth Organizations
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