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TAYO is looking for Mga Bida ng Bagong Dekada through a viral video contest

The Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations (TAYO) Awards Foundation Inc. is celebrating its 10th Year Anniversary this 2012. Aside from the annual search and awarding ceremonies it holds, TAYO Foundation has launched GENERAT10N TAYO: Mga Bida ng Bagong Dekada (A Viral Video Contest). The contest hopes to show the new generation of Filipino youth–how they play their role as nation-builders, and their visions for a better Philippines.

We have witnessed how the internet provided avenues and platforms for every Filipino to express his thoughts, his desires, and his hopes for a better life. It has developed into something  more than anyone could think of, it is like a machine which allows the exchange of thoughts and ideas across borders, across the seas, and even across our differences. And the fuel that runs the internet today is that of social networking. It connects billions of people, and the possibilities of inspiring change, of being a source of happiness, and of spreading a positive attitude towards life are virtually limitless. At the front line of this phenomenon is the youth. This generation is glued to the internet almost 24/7. Today, a single video can send an effective and powerful message to the world.

The TAYO Awards Foundation, being an organization that recognizes the power of the younger generation, believes it is high time that the spotlight be pointed at the Filipino Youth, and what they have to offer. The contest aims to show the stories, the aspirations, and the plans of this new generation of young nation-builders through Viral Videos. These short clips can inform, educate, expose, inspire, and move the youth of today.

This contest aims to highlight the dynamism, initiative, and community-involvement of the youth all over the nation. For 10 years, TAYO has witnessed how a group of young people, or even just a barkada, can open happiness to their communities. Now, the whole nation and the rest of the world will get a chance to see just that through online viral videos.

The videos must be able to answer these questions: (1) WHAT is the problem that they want to address in their community; (2) WHY do they want to address the problem; and (3) HOW do they plan to address the problem, and open happiness in their community?

TAYO Awards Foundation invites everyone all over the country to join the contest. Visit and you may just win Php25,000 for uploading a 90-second video. No registration fee is required and the number of entries to be submitted is unlimited. The contest runs until 14 April 2012.

For questions, comments, or any other concern, Text 0917 TXT-TAYO (898-8296) or e-mail [email protected] To stay updated on TAYO events, like TAYO on Facebook and follow @TAYOawards on Twitter.

GENERAT10N TAYO is also brought to you by the National Youth Commission and Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines, Inc.

tayo.secretariatTAYO is looking for Mga Bida ng Bagong Dekada through a viral video contest
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