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TAYO Youth Awards Launches 9th Search

The Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations Awards Foundation, Inc. or TAYO Foundation is proud to announce the opening of TAYO 9, the 9th Search for the best youth organizations in the country.

The TAYO Foundation, regarded as one of the leading award-giving bodies for outstanding youth in the Philippines, aims to discover and laud exceptional youth organizations that have contributed to the development of their local communities, schools or work place, through their innovative and valuable projects. Since 2002, over 1000 youth organizations have joined the annual Search for the Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations and are now part of the fast-growing TAYO youth network.

The TAYO Awards, now on its 9th year, is an annual search open to youth groups, organizations, clubs and societies whose membership and leadership are composed of at least 15 members who are 15-30 years old. At stake are cash grants of P50,000.00 to be given to 10 youth organizations to fund existing or future projects.

This year, TAYO aims to be more accessible online, with a newly updated website, www.tayoawards.net. Interested youth organizations can both access information on the current search, and also submit entry forms online.

It will be a TAYO first to accept “virtual entries” i.e. entries with requirements entirely submitted online. This will enable an even more far-reaching search—further allowing organizations from distant areas to submit their entries without cost.

Deadline for submission of entries is July 31, 2011. Entry forms may be also be downloaded from www.nyc.gov.ph. Text 0917 TXT-TAYO (898-8296) or e-mail [email protected] for information about the TAYO search.

TAYO 9 was launched via ceremonies coinciding with the release of the book entitled [R]evolutionaries. This maiden book commemorates the first 6 years of the TAYO search and the inspiring stories of TAYO awardees. [R]evolutionaries is available in all Fullybooked branches and the TAYO Secretariat.

TAYO 9 is presented by the Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines, Inc., and organized by the National Youth Commission alongside the Office of Senator Kiko Pangilinan. Also supporting the search are: The Department of Social Welfare and Development, Department of Agriculture, Philippine Information Agency, Ninoy and Cory Aquino Foundation, and the Philippine Center of Young Leaders in Governance Foundation, Inc.

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tayoadminTAYO Youth Awards Launches 9th Search

Young Educators of Mapulang Lupa

Creating Change Through: YESkwela Kalsada PLUS Nina Ate at Kuya

When a struggling young man decided to persevere amidst a series of personal disappointments and loss, it gave birth to organization called Young Educators of Mapulang. Transforming grief from the death of his father into inspiration to help others, this young man, now known to his students as Kuya Vanjo, launched the project Lupa the project YESkwela Kalsada PLUS Nina Ate at Kuya.

What’s the Story?

YESkwela Kalsada PLUS nina Ate at Kuya is a mentoring program which is patterned after a Sunday School format. It is a combination of tutorials, outreach activities, theatre workshops that focus on youth development.

Activities under the said program strongly encourage the involvement of parents. Occasions like Grandparents Day or Halloween are used as timely opportunities to introduce lessons in a more entertaining way. Singing, dancing, even exercise function as vehicles for learning as well.

Thirty active members, young professionals and students alike, make up the Young Educators of Mapulang Lupa. Despite minimal funding, they continue with their commitment to hold the weekly activity YESkwela Kalsada PLUS Nina Ate at Kuya since starting out in October 2009. Sometimes they are able to acquire donations from private individuals; sometimes assistance comes from companies like Telus (Kuya Vanjo’s employer). But oftentimes expenses come from their own pockets, spending for materials needed for the weekly activities such as paper and ballpens.

But no matter how many challenges come their way, members of this organization continue to power through. Needless to say, this is a story of people seeing hope in each other, content in seeing the children they teach develop an awareness on social issues, ethics and literacy as well as gain self-confidence.

Recognition and Success

Teaching in the streets of Mapulang Lupa became the fertile ground that gave both underprivileged kids and their teachers a new perspective on life. Dessa Jean Peralta, Young Educators’ representative to the TAYO National Finals knows this success story all too well. From being part of beneficiaries from the efforts of the young volunteers, she is now a volunteer herself and is able to earn some income as a tutor.

She expressed that the Young Educators of Mapulang Lupa truly are “committed to empower and inspire every young individual in our barangay to volunteerism and community service.” Barely two years old, their project YESkwela Kalsada PLUS Nina Ate at Kuya has indeed achieved a lot.

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adminYoung Educators of Mapulang Lupa

Ateneo Task Force 2010

Ateneo Task Force 2010 or ATF 2010 is a project that was launched through the combined efforts of 3 main organizations within the Ateneo de Manila University— the Sanggunian, Ateneo Residents Association (ARSA), and Council of Organizations of the Ateneo (COA). Spearheaded by the Sanggunian, the project focuses on student/youth involvement during last year’s National Elections.

During the TAYO 8 National Finals, Kenneth Isaiah Abante, then Secretary General of the SANGGUNIAN, explained that ATF 2010 aimed to “break institutional barriers.” When asked to share a quotation for his presentation before a panel judges, she shared one that expressed what their efforts meant— “It’s your country. Your elections. Your time to build the nation.”

What’s the Story?

Preparing for the National Elections served as the main driving force of ATF 2010. Satellite registrations were held in and out the Ateneo while forums were organized to promote voter’s education. Presidential candidates were invited as guest speakers while activities like Wear Your Candidate’s Color Day and mock elections were done to increase awareness and participation. And to strengthen these efforts, exhaustive documentation and surveying were performed for possible future replication or transfer of technology.

Fifty core volunteers guided the project through its four phases, with the 4th and final phase being the Sangguniang Kabataan and Barangay Elections. The program was supported by partners like the COMELEC, Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV), Ayala Young Leaders Assembly, National Youth Commission (NYC) and Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines (CEAP). As a result, more Ateneans were able to register to vote as well as engage in partisan work campaigning for their chosen candidates. On the day of the elections, they also participated in bantay balota operations and reported anomalies.

Recognition and Success

The idea of involving students in the electoral process is simple but also a multifaceted mammoth task— this was the challenge for the members of the ATF 2010. But they persevered and continue to persevere in the belief that vigilance is not only to engage youth voters known for being apathetic, but to hold elected officials accountable for the promises they made.

As an entry placing as a TAYO 8 National Finalist, ATF 2010 truly embodies the spirit of cooperation, teamwork, and unity. It displays the dynamism of the youth and shatters the image of a generation of apathetic youth.

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adminAteneo Task Force 2010

Pagaypay 4-H Club. Brgy. Pagaypay, Passi City, Iloilo

Chain of Change (Entrepreneurship): Where you invest your money affects your return on investment. Pagaypay 4-H Club is teaching out-of-school youth to be entrepreneurs and place their fate on more stable business, one that leads them close to home.

Linked Up!: Department of Agriculture, Department of Science and Technology

The TAYO Connection: The organization’s influence on OSYs was recognized by the community and the DOST, who pushed them to apply for the TAYO Search.

The Pagaypay 4-H Club is a community-based organization in Barangay Pagaypay, Passi City, Iloilo. The 4 Hs stand for using your heart, head, hands, and health for the community.

You understand that they use all 4 Hs in this project. As the local community shun out of school youth for gambling or lazing about in the streets, Pagaypay members use their hearts to embrace these OSYs and help them with their heads. The outcome was to divert them from leaving their fates to cards of fortune and give them livelihood. And with a helping hand for service, 4-H extended their help in starting an on-going livelihood project that aims to alleviate the economic situation of their members and families.

With the assistance of the Agricultural Training Institute and the West Visayas State University, they have opened to their members the access to Swine Raising and Native Chicken Dispersal through an easy to pay scheme in acquiring pigs and chickens. These programs will allow them to raise their own livestock for personal consumption and livelihood.

Yet, the focus of their program is the unique Pineapple Wine Processing. The program started after 5 members participated in a Fruit Processing Training conducted by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST). From a starting capital of only one thousand pesos (1000Php) and a production of 25 bottles sold at the price of P180 per bottle, they earned P3,500. They rolled their earnings to expand the project.

The innovativeness of the product, its good quality and visibility in agricultural fairs and exhibits has gained balikbayans and foreign tourists as patrons.

Among the organizations accomplishments are the 2007 Gawad Saka National Award as the Most Outstanding Young Farmers Organization of the Philippines and the 2006 Most Outstanding Young Farmer of the Province award for one of its members.

When before their members were just out-of-school youth looking for something to occupy their time with, they now are able to help their parents earn a living. They no longer need to go to the city to find work, since the organization gives them economic opportunities. Some were even able to finance their return to school on their own.

Converting the TAYO prize: The group will be investing their prize on further developing their pineapple wine product to meet the standards of the export market.

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adminPagaypay 4-H Club. Brgy. Pagaypay, Passi City, Iloilo

LINK.exe West Visayas State University, Iloilo City

• BPI Special Award

Chain of Change (Education): The organization responded to the need for hands-on training on basic computer programs for public high school students.  They noticed that even if the public high schools are given computers for their use, sometimes the teachers themselves aren’t well equipped to teach students how to use them. They have the theoretical knowledge, but may not be aware of the practical applications of their computer programs. LINK.exe is not only trying to bridge the digital divide for these public school students, they are educating students to be globally ready and armed with computer skills.

Linked Up!: Institute of Information and Communications Technology of the West Visayas State University

The TAYO Connection: Paul Dennee Monicimpo, the LINK.exe representative, found out about TAYO during a National Youth Commission talk years before he joined the organization. They tried to send an entry for TAYO 7, but they were not able to meet the deadline.

As we live in a digital age, it isn’t enough to know what a tweet is or how to connect to Facebook. Basic computer skills are de rigueur in all professional settings. These skills have to be developed early on and nurtured by practice. What will happen then if you’re a public high school student who has limited access to computers, or worse, has only read books on how a computer works?

Link.Exe is bringing students up to speed with basics of Word and even with multimedia programs such as Flash and Photoshop. “Bringing Youth Technology Empowerment” (BYTE for short) was launched in 2006 and has been implemented annually. The project promotes computer literacy by conducting training sessions and tutorials based on the needs of students in underserved schools and communities.  For the academic year of 2009-2010, students of the Sta. Barbara National Comprehensive High School benefitted from the lessons. They are also serving a school in Antique and 4 in Iloilo City.

In only 4 years time, LINK.exe has successfully reached out to 7 public high schools, sharing their knowledge—from basic skills in Microsoft Office and Internet use to advanced programs such as Macromedia Flash Animation, Adobe Photoshop and Web Design. In sharing their talents, the members of LINK.exe have not only shared more opportunities to underprivileged students but also inspired them to express themselves in new ways. Some students were also able to discover more practical applications for their learning, marketing their services as lay-out artists and graphic designers.

LINK.exe is a school-based organization under the Institute of Information and Communications Technology of the West Visayas State University. With a mission to “enrich, uphold, generate and serve”, LINK.exe envisions “to become one of the most accomplished organizations in the Philippines by 2015.” Furthermore, LINK.exe has been recognized as one of the Most Outstanding Organizations within the university for 3 consecutive years.

Converting the TAYO prize: They will be using it to buy hardware and original software for their program.

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adminLINK.exe West Visayas State University, Iloilo City