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Club Achievers

Rachel C. Barawid
Manila Bulletin
January 22, 2011

Head for thinking, heart for greater loyalty, hands for larger service, and health for better living…

MANILA, Philippines — In Barangay Pagaypay, Passi, Iloilo, a growing number of teenagers and young adults are all scrambling to be part of the coolest club in town.

Nope, it’s not a dance club, or an exclusive party club that the Passi youngsters can’t wait to get into. It’s a club that can teach them how to farm, raise swine and chicken, and process pineapple wine. It’s called the Pagaypay 4H Club.

“Sa club kasi namin, hindi lang kami natututo, kikita pa kami dahil sa mga livelihood activities namin. Dati walang ginagawa yung mga kabataan sa amin kundi mag party, manigarilyo, uminom, mag inom at maglakwatsa. Pero ngayon nakakatulong pa sila sa mga magulang nila,” shares Lanie S. Gaspar, public information officer of 4H Club and a former Sanggunian Kabataan chairman.

The community-based organization called Pagaypay 4H Club Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow was established to help alleviate the economic situation of the people in the barangay through livelihood activities such as pineapple wine processing, swine raising and chicken dispersal.

“4H means Head for thinking, Heart for greater loyalty, Hands for larger service, and Health for better living,” defines Lanie.

Something out of nothing

Five members who had undergone a fruit processing training conducted by the Department of Science and Technology (DoST) decided to innovate on their town’s most popular product, pineapple, by making it into a wine.

With a start-up capital of only P1,000, they were able to produce 25 bottles. Sold at P180 per bottle, the wine became a hit among locals and tourists. From there, their pineapple wine processing project expanded, allowing them to sell their product in agricultural fairs and exhibits.

For the swine raising project, five members are given P50,000 seed capital by the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI). Each member will then use P10,000 to purchase piglets and breed them until they are ready to be sold. After 18 months, a member returns the loan to ATI for the use of other members.

A similar scheme is applied to the chicken dispersal project where new chicken are acquired by the organization after four to five months from the West Visayas State University Research Center.

“Sa swine, kung minsan nakakabenta kami ng dalawa kaagad kaya kumikita na kami ng P19,850. For our Darag native chicken, 60 percent napupunta sa West Visayas State University Research Center, 40 percent naman ang sa amin,” says Lanie, breaking down the estimated profit for eac project.

4H Club members also plant vegetables and support the various activities of their barangay.

Developing talents

But it’s not all work for members of the 4H Club. They also do extra-curricular activities that help develop the members’ personality and character.

“We regularly hold dance, singing, and talent contests in our barangay so the members develop their singing, dancing, hosting and acting skills. Pati self-confidence nila nade-develop at hindi na sila nagiging mahiyain sa harap ng ibang tao. Binibigyan pa namin sila ng mga medalya pag nananalo sa mga contests. We also send our members to trainings in Iloilo. Marami kasi gusto pumunta sa city pero hindi naman sila makapunta kaya gusto nila sumali sa amin kasi we offer these kinds of opportunities,” explains the 20-year-old Information Technology student of West Visayas State University in Pototan, Iloilo.

Lanie adds that they even hold a Search for the Best Parents as a way of paying tribute to the parents of the members.

Helping their town

The most important benefit of being a member of the club is that members are now able to help their parents in their day-to-day living expenses. Some even pay for their own tuition in school.

They are also able to promote agriculture to the youth while boosting their town’s economic opportunities through the use of its natural resources.

Through their efforts and its far-reaching results, the Pagaypay 4H Club received several awards including the 2006 Most Outstanding Young Farmer of the Province, the 2007 Gawad Saka National Award and Most Outstanding Young Farmers Organization of the Philippines. Recently, it was also chosen as one of the Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations (TAYO) of 2010.

Lanie says they are using the P50,000 prize money they received from TAYO to expand their pineapple wine processing project and in procuring equipment and materials for their laboratory.

Apart from exporting their wines in the future, the 4H Club also hopes to be able to help a greater number of youths become empowered, productive, and useful to their communities.

For those interested to join TAYO, text 09178988296 or visit www.tayoawards.net.

Source: Manila Bulletin

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Cebu’s youth get ready for the rainy days

Angelo G. Garcia
Manila Bulletin
January 18, 2011

MANILA, Philippines — Last year, the country experienced extreme heat in summer, up to the first few months of the rainy season. This caused crop fields and water reservoirs all over the country to dry up.

Fortunately, according to the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA), the country will experience a wetter year in 2011. The summer season will just be a month while the wet season will run through most of the year.

With this forecast, the weather bureau has advised the people to prepare and expect more rains, but hopefully not too much to cause flooding, which has been a cyclic problem in this country.

However, there is one group of young people that has prepared way ahead of the rest of us. The Pag-asa Youth Association (PYA) of Talisay, Cebu has provided a simple solution to the flooding problem besetting their adopted barangays in their hometown of Talisay, Cebu.

The solution, called Ground Permeability Enhancer (GPE), is actually made of special hollow blocks put on top of one another to form a pyramid and installed underground to increase the ground’s ability to absorb water.

“When the rainy season came, we documented its effectiveness. We noticed that it’s really effective because in less than five minutes, the water was absorbed, covering almost the whole area. We also interviewed the residents what the effects were and they said the floodwater does not go inside their houses anymore,” shares 23-year-old, Rex Villavelez, a science teacher and president of the PYA Talisay.

With GPE, the residents also observed that water supply coming from the ground is now easily replenished.

“According to one resident, mas mabigat na raw and pump ng poso, indicating that the supply of water from underneath is rising. These testimonials are not from the organization but from the beneficiaries of the project we’re doing. We were also surprised,” Villavelez admits.

This simple solution that carries a big impact on the community is the reason why PYA won in the recent Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations (TAYO).

Simple yet impactful

PYA worked in partnership with local engineer Lee Consul who conceptualized and designed the GPE. PYA members and volunteers, in turn, served as presenters to local officials and construction workers to show them the advantages and sustainability of the GPE system. They started the GPE project in 2009 in a few barangays in Talisay.

“The engineer was looking for a youth group to help in the project. DSWD recommended us. So we gathered all our officers from all the barangays of the city of Talisay and he introduced the project. Engineer Lee presented the project — what must be done, what are the benefits, how it would work,” explains Villavelez.

PYA officers endorsed the project to barangay captains. Since the barangay would only spend P5,000 per structure, Villavelez says that it was not difficult to convince them.

“So that’s how the organization was able to mobilize this project. The organization served as the motivator, we really pushed for it. What we’re thinking was, di ba may baha sa inyo at gusto ninyo mabawasan ‘yan, heto ang solusyon, magtulungan tayo,’’ he relates.

PYA volunteers built three of these pyramid structures in areas covered by Sitio Minggoy and Sitio Mangga. The workers dig a hole in the ground until they reach the sandy part of the soil. Hollow blocks are then placed in a conical shape into the hole and are covered by rocks and soil. The spaces in between blocks and the hollow center act as channels where water can enter and be evenly distributed. The sandy bottom then easily absorbs the water.

“The water gathers in one area and forms a vortex, talaga inaabsorb ang water. We were not expecting for it to be that effective. Ang gawain talaga dito dapat ipaalam sa ibang barangay kung saan malaki ang incidence ng flooding. Kahit community lang, mag-ambagan sila puwede nang gawin ang proyekto na ito. It can be replicated anywhere, which is a good thing about this project,” Villavelez adds.

Empowering OSYs

The PYA Talisay was established through the Unlad Kabataan Program of the Department of Social Work and Development (DSWD) in 2002. The organization was then re-established in 2007, which also reignited their projects for out-of-school youths (OSYs).

The nature of the organization is to create projects for OSYs that empower them to get involved and participate in their communities through trainings and workshops. Currently, the organization has roughly 1,200 members and operates in all the 22 barangays in Talisay.

“We develop potential leaders and they also bring other OSYs with them into the projects and activities like tree-planting, seminars, etc. We give OSYs avenues for development, wherein they can achieve something
despite being not in school,” he says.

Most of the officers of PYA are OSYs themselves, with ages ranging from 15 to 24 years old. Through PYA, many OSYs have gone back to school, either formally or through the Alternative Learning System.

Because of its outstanding performance, PYA gets P200,000 from the DSWD for their projects. They have also helped their members get jobs, with around 40 PYA members now working for the local government of Talisay.

With their TAYO win, there is just no stopping PYA from doing what its needs to do. With steady support from the government and the community they work in, PYA has a long way to go, with more young people rolling up their sleeves to work and be of help.

Source:  Manila Bulletin

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adminCebu’s youth get ready for the rainy days

The movement that revolutionizes education

Angelo G. Garcia
Manila Bulletin
January 11, 2011

MANILA, Philippines — On a piece of paper, an out-of-school youth writes down what his dreams are. But when asked if he thinks he can achieve these dreams, he immediately answers ‘No.’

This is the first thing that youth organization called Education Revolution Movement (EdRev) asks its potential beneficiaries to do, whoever and whatever age they are.

“Tinatanong namin sila, ano ba ang pangarap mo sa buhay? May nangagarap na gustong maging simpleng teacher, pero iniisip nila agad na hindi nila ito matutupad,” explains 21-year-old Cherwin Ramos, and EdRev officer.

Sadly, most of the people who answer this question believe that there is no chance in this world that their dreams could still come true, however simple it may be.

The growing number of hopeless out-of-school (OSY) youth in San Jose Patag in Sta. Maria Bulacan prompted the people behind EdRev to start the Education Crave Project, which aims to bring back the young people’s belief in themselves, that they can achieve their hopes and dreams.

“We always tell them: Ang mga pangarap na ‘yan hindi natin hahayaang maging pangarap lang. Magtulungan tayo, tutulungan namin kayo matupad ang mga pangarap ninyo sa buhay,” Ramos says.

For its simplicity, practicality, and impact on the community, the Education Crave Project recently won for EdRev a spot in the recent Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations (TAYO) Awards. Operating for almost two years only, the organization is the youngest group this year to bag the TAYO award.

Door-to-door recruitment

EdRev was conceived in 2009 by a group of college students from Sta. Maria who had a strong desire to provide an alternative learning system (ALS) for the estimated 500 OSYs in their community.

The project is a four-month review session that aims at getting the OSYs a high school diploma by helping them pass the accreditation and equivalency exams given by the Department of Education (DepEd.) Beneficiaries’ ages range from 22 to 75 years old.

“Pinuntahan namin sila door to door, nag-iikot kami sa community. May public announcement system na nag announce na inaanyayahan namin ang lahat ng elementary and high school drop-outs na sumama sa programa.’’

Believing that education is for all, EdRev encourages even the old ones to participate.

“Mahirap i-encourage sila to undergo the program kasi nga dala na rin ng katandaan, nahihiya na. But we tell them that it does not say anywhere that you have to be 16 years old to finish high school or 21 to finish college because education is for all. Sa kanila kasi when the reach the worst part of their lives, ‘yung pinaka extreme challenge sa buhay nila, they feel na hanggang dito na lang ako, hindi na ako puwede mag excel, it is the end of my world,” Ramos adds.

The EdRev people are not ones who easily give up. They enlisted the help of DepEd and the barangay council to assist them in their mission. They also solicited donations in cash and in kind.

The group also harnesses the spirit of volunteerism. Professionals, academics and students from the community have rendered their services to help teach the beneficiaries. Among the volunteers are an engineer, a former professor, a former government employee, and so many more who believe in the project.

They also use a personalized approach in reviewing and educating their beneficiaries where existing teaching modules are assigned to one instructor per subject and difficulties are modified to suit the levels and the abilities of the learners.

As an initial result, out of the 81 reviewers in the first batch, 35 passed the DepEd’s exam, 15 got high school diplomas and nine are now in college. EdRev is still waiting for the results of the second batch of beneficiaries.

They are currently on their third batch.

They also help their beneficiaries by looking for scholarship for them to continue and finish their college education.

Most of their beneficiaries are now working college students.

“I believe we are able to make them realize that one way or another, they can go beyond where they are right now. Hindi lang hanggang ganyan ang buhay mo. Although you’ve been an OSY for a very long time, hindi hanggang diyan lang ang buhay mo,’’ Ramos says.

To dream again

EdRev started with zero funds and survives on donations and sponsorships. Sometimes, the money comes from the members’ own pockets. But it is the group’s collective willingness, sincerity, and passion that keep them going.

“The fact that we have no fund motivates us. We are able to prove that the lack of money is not a reason not to continue and do something good for the community,” Ramos shares. “But the mere fact na nabago mo ‘yung buhay ng tao at na instill mo sa kanya ang value na importante ang edukasyon, sobrang biyaya na ito sa amin.”

With the TAYO cash award, EdRev plans to use the money to support their projects and finish the training center that they are building. They also plan to purchase computers for their e-learning project.

Their efforts are paying off, Ramos observes. The number of OSYs is slowly decreasing as the amount of support from the community increases.

“Ang sa amin lang, huwag sana mawalan ng pag-asa ‘yung iba. Kahit matanda ka na, puwede ka pa rin mag-aral. Kailangan lang mangarap ka ulit at tutulungan ka naming tuparin ‘yun,” Ramos ends.

Source: Manila Bulletin

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adminThe movement that revolutionizes education

TAYO names top youth groups

Philippine Star
December 19, 2010

MANILA, Philippines – President Aquino recognized the winners of the 8th Search for the Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations (TAYO) in ceremonies at the Heroes Hall in Malacañang recently.

President Aquino was assisted by Sen. Kiko Pangilinan, TAYO Awards Foundation president Paolo Benigno “Bam”Aquino, National Youth Commission chairman Christopher Arnuco and Guillermo Aponte, president and general manager of the Coca-Cola Export Corp.

This year’s winners have come up with innovative approaches to promote education for all, solve gang wars, spread computer literacy programs, food security and self-sufficiency programs and poverty alleviation and community empowerment.

Representatives of the organizations faced a formidable panel of judges, co-chaired by Bam Aquino and Sen. Pangilinan. Other members were Sec. Herminio Coloma, Wally Panganiban of the Coca-Cola Export Co., Eric Barraquillo of the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), Sebastian Lacson of the Aboitiz Foundation, Ivy Lisa Mendoza of the Manila Bulletin, Meryll Yan of Mega magazine, Stefanie Cabal of the Philippine Daily Inquirer 2BU!, Manny de Luna of ActivAsia and Champ Lui Pio, former frontman of the band Hale.

Winners of the TAYO Award received P50,000 cash grants from the Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines and trophies specially crafted by artist Toym de Leon Imao. The winning groups also received gift certificates from Jollibee.

The following special awards were also given: Coke Barkada award from Coca-Cola Foundation; Best Financially Managed Organization award from BPI; TeaM Energy award for protection of the environment; three Gawad Kabataan Agri-Pinoy awards from the Department of Agriculture (DA); and two special awards from the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).

This program is organized by the TAYO Awards Foundation, office of Senator Kiko Pangilinan and the National Youth Commission. TAYO is presented by Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines, Inc. and is supported by TeaM Energy Foundation, the Philippine Gaming Corp. (PAGCOR), DSWD, DA, BPI, Jollibee and the Philippine Center of Young Leaders in Governance.

This year’s winning organizations are:

• Pro Drop-out Reduction Program, Surigao del Sur

• Mandaya Tribal Youth Organization, Mebatas, Upper Ulip, Monkayo, Compostela Valley

• Pag-asa Youth Association, Talisay City chapter, Cebu

• Pagaypay 4-H Club, Barangay Pagaypay, Passi City, Iloilo

• Link.Exe West Visayas State University, Iloilo City

• Brotherhood for Peace, Baguio City

• Education Revolution Movement, Sta. Maria, Bulacan

• Pochon and Maanichar Centennial Batch Association, Inc., Ifugao Province

• Alay ni Ignacio, Ateneo de Manila University, Quezon City

• Philippine Stagers Foundation, Balic-Balic, Manila.

Source: Philstar.com

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P-Noy to youth: Be steadfast in following the straight path

Manila Bulletin
December 14, 2010

MANILA, Philippines — President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III lauded young Filipinos for moving People Power forward and for opening doors to progress through technology and the power of their ideas in his keynote speech during the 8th Search for Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations (TAYO), held on December 9 at the Heroes Hall of Malacanang Palace in Manila.

The President, speaking mostly in Filipino and engaging the young audience with his humor, pointed out: “Kung iisipin natin ang lakas ng sama-samang pagkilos, naniniwala akong makakagawa pa ng pagbabago. Dito nagsimula ang People Power sa EDSA, at ang People Power nitong nakaraang eleksyon.”

“Manatili kayong matatag, huwag lilihis ng daan, at patuloy ninyong pag-alabin ang init ng pagasa,” he exhorted.

The TAYO Awards, as the search is also called, is an annual recognition program that aims to highlight the oustanding contributions of youth organizations in their schools and communities.

Conceived by Sen. Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan in 2002, it awards innovative and sustainable solutions to pressing social challenges, such as ignorance, poverty, environmental degradation, unemployment, apathy, disease, and a host of others.

This year’s winners bested over 170 other youth organizations from around the country. Twenty organizations — five each from Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao, and the National Capital Region — were chosen for the national finals. Those that emerged in the Top 10 are (in random order):

1. Madaya Tribal Youth Organization (Compostela Valley) – project entry: Fishpond Production Project

2. PRO-DORP TEAM (Cantilan, Surigao del Sur) – project entry: PRO Drop-out Reduction Program

3. Pag-asa Youth Association (PYA) – Talisay Chapter (Cebu) – project entry: Ground Permeability Enhancer (GPE)

4. Link.exe – West Visayas State University (La Paz, Iloilo) – project entry: Bringing Youth Technology Empowerment (BYTETE)

5. Education Revolution (Bulacan) – project entry: Education Crave Project

6. Pochon and Maanichar Centennial Batch Association, Inc.(Mayoyao, Ifugao) – project entry: Mayoyao Eco-Cultural Tours

7. Alay ni Ignacio (Ateneo de Manila University, Quezon City) – project entry: Non-Academic Formation Program)

8. Philippine Stagers Foundation (Balikbalik, Manila) – project entry: Ako Si Ninoy Musical

9. Pagaypay 4-H Club (Passi City, Iloilo) – project entry: Pineapple Wine Processing, Swine Raising and Chicken Dispersal

10. Brotherhood for Peace (Baguio City) – project entry: Youth for Peace

Youth power at its best
In his welcome speech to finalists and guests, Pangilinan, who himself was a former youth leader and student activist, recognized the various achievements of Filipino youth throughout the country’s history, citing “youth power” as a tranformational force in society.

“We wish to thank you, the finalists, for showing us the way towards social transformation; for imparting to us through your acts that in the face of deep despair we must have undying hope. Amidst unsettling doubt and uncertainty, you have shown us immovable faith and steely resolve. Faced with threats and hardships, you have displayed immense courage; and in the face of untold suffering, you have shown undying love,” Pangilinan said in his speech.

“I see in their hard work and determination the future of our nation. I see in their perseverance and dedication the emergence of a new Philippines, a modern and vibrant nation — an empowered and determined citizenry. I see in their selfless acts and their untiring efforts a future that is inspiring, filled with hope and promise.”

“We gather here in the nation’s seat of political power… to honor and give recognition to the real power that has for generations transformed our nation — the power of our youth,” the senator pointed out.

Meanwhile, Guillermo Aponte, President and General Manager of the Coca-Cola Export Corporation, co-presenter of this year’s TAYO Awards, said, “We are deeply committed to living positively – making a positive difference through the way we work and live… We believe that TAYO shares the same commitment to be a positive change in this country.”

The eight years of TAYO have witnessed the participation of almost a thousand youth organizations from all parts of the Philippines and the recognition of 160 organizations that have shown their commitment to provide solutions to problems being faced by their community, instead of waiting for dole-outs from their elders in the public and private sectors.

Last year, TAYO winner Dynamic Teen Company, through its representative Efren Penaflorida, made global headlines when CNN awarded Penaflorida as CNN Hero of the Year. Many other TAYO organizations are multi-awarded groups with a good track record of community mobilization.

Nielson Dane D. Gustilo from Nursing Council Board of Students, University of Santo Tomas, Manila, who presented the valedictory speech on behalf of this year’s TAYO awardees, addressed his fellow awardees and young Filipinos.

“Manindigan po tayo, manalig tayo, makilahok tayo, makiisa tayo, magtulungan tayo… Totoo ngang ang kabataan ang pagasa ng bayan. Pumili kaming lumahok sa solusyon.”

He also shared some of the group’s memorable experiences throughout the National Finals week, which included a Ninoy and Cory Aquino Leadership Workshop with the Ninoy and Cory Aquino Foundation, an organizational wealth sufmanagement training seminar with the Bank of the Philippine Islands, media interviews, and grueling panel interviews for the final judging.

“Napag-isa kami ng aming pagmamahal sa kapwa at bayan. Sa komunidad ng TAYO, naramdaman naming hindi kami nag-iisa; may kasama kami sa pakikibaka… Baon namin ang mayayaman na karanasan na natutunan namin sa isa’t-isa. Tunay na panalo na kaming lahat.”

Winning organizations each received a grant of P50,000 from the Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines, a speciallly-handcrafted trophy by Toym de Leon Imao, and P10,000 worth of Jollibee gift certificates.

Special awards were also handed out by the Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines, Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), TeaM Energy, the Department of Agriculture, and the Department of Social Welfare and Development. These were the following:

• TeaM Energy special award (for “strength in synergy while demonstrating the power to serve and help build lives to inspire change among the Filipino youth”): Terrestrial and Aquatic Restorations by Students Immersed in Environmental Reforms (TARSIER) (Baybay, Leyte)

• DSWD awards (for upholding the welfare of the poor and the marginalized, poverty alleviation, and empowerment): (1) Pag-asa Youth Association – Talisay City Chapter, (Cebu); (2) Palawan Conservation Corps (PCC)

• The Best Financially Managed Youth Organization by the Bank of the Philippine Islands: Link.exe – West Visayas State University (Iloilo City)

• Gawad Kabataang Agri Pinoy from the Department of Agriculture (for organizations that support and exemplify the government’s food security and self-sufficiency programs):
* Luzon: Catuguing Palayamanan 4-H Working Youth Club (San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte)
* Visayas: Pag-asa Youth Association – Talisay City Chapter (Cebu)
* Mindanao: Association of Locally Empowered Youth – Northern Mindanao (ALEY-NM) (Misamis Oriental)

• Coke Barkada Award (for “demonstrating the Coke Barkada spirit of collective volunteerism”): Pochon and Maanichar Centennial Batch Association, Inc. (Ifugao)

Also supporting this year’s search are PAGCOR and the Presidential Communications Operations Office.

Source: Manila Bulletin

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adminP-Noy to youth: Be steadfast in following the straight path

Youths from Surigao del Sur win TAYO Awards

Jocelyn E. Morano
Philippine Information Agency
December 12, 2010

Butuan City (10 December) — The Pro-Drop Out Reduction Program (PRO-DORP) Team from Cantilan, Surigao del Sur received an award from President Benigno Simeon Aquino III as one of this year’s winner of the Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations (TAYO) in a ceremony held on December 9 at the Heroes’ Hall in Malacañan Palace aired over Radyo ng Bayan stations nationwide.

Seven years ago, Cantilan, Surigao del Sur only had one public high school, the Cantilan National High School having a population of 1,013 students.

Based on records, the school had an alarming dropout rate of 15.28% in the school year 2003-2004.

As a response to the disturbing reality, the PRO DORP Team formally set up the Reach-Out-Not-Drop-Out-Program in 2007 which addressed the individual issues hindering students from staying in school.

In line with this program, four sub-programs namely, Suporta Mo Kinabukasan Ko, Feed My Brain, Maglaro at Mag-usap Tayo, and EmpATHY were formulated based on the components family, individual, community and school respectively.

Representatives for each sub programs discovered valuable information on why students kept dropping out.

From the Suporta Ko, Kinabukasan Mo program, it was found out that 80% of the students could not pay miscellaneous fees on time which was resolved by launching an effort of scouting for some sponsors.

Through Feed My Brain, the problem of poor comprehension because of malnutrition was countered with a feeding program.

Meanwhile, Maglaro at Mag-usap Tayo focused in addressing the presence of gangs inside the campus by intensifying school activities and group counseling.

EmpATHY or Empower the Teachers to Help the Young on the other hand realized that teachers likewise needed to address the personal as well as the student’s emotional problems through counseling.

Painstakingly the PRO DORP Team sustained the programs which resulted to positive results.

As of school year 2009-2010, the drop-out rate has been successfully reduced to 1.87%, a staggering 13% difference compared to the drop-out rate recorded in school year 2003-2004.

To this date, the PRO DORP Team continued with the programs and is now aiming for a 0% drop-out rate by 2015, inspired by the improvement showed by students of Cantilan.

Other TAYO Awardees are Mandaya Tribal Youth Organization from Mabetas, Upper Ulip, Monkayo, Compostela Valley; Pag-Asa Youth Organization Talisay City Chapter from Cebu; Pagaypay 4-H Club of Barangay Pagaypay, Passi City, Iloilo; Link.Exe-West Visayas State University of Iloilo City; Brotherhood for Peace, Baguio City; Education Revolution Movement (EdRev), Sta. Maria, Bulacan; Pochon Maanichar Centennial Batch Association, Inc., Ifugao Province; Alay ni Ignacio (ANI)-Ateneo de Manila University, Quezon City and the Philippine Stagers Foundation from Balic-Balic in Manila.

Each of the winning groups received 50,000 pesos cash grants from Coca Cola Foundation Philippines and custom-made trophies specially crafted by Artist Toym de Leon Imao, wherein a total of 70 youth organizations made it to the finals, 19 of them were from Mindanao.

TAYO campaigns for citizens not to rely on government, but to work on improving their communities by themselves where qualifiers range from 15-30 years old. (Radyo ng Bayan Butuan/PIA-Caraga)

Source: PIA

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adminYouths from Surigao del Sur win TAYO Awards


Heroes’ Hall, Malacañang
December 09, 2010

(applause) Thank you. Maupo ho tayo. Magandang umaga po sa lahat. Kagalang-galang Senator Kiko Pangilinan, Kuya Bam Aquino, (laughter) Secretary Sonny Coloma, Mr. Guillermo Aponte, Undersecretary Christopher Arnulfo, Undersecretary Celia Yangco, the Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations and other distinguished special awards, members of the TAYO National Board of Judges, honored guests, mga kasamahan ko sa sektor ng
kabataan, (laughter) mga minamahal kong kababayan: Magandang umaga po.

Serious po ako doon. (laughter) Isang malugod na pagbati sa mga organisasyong nanalo sa TAYO awards ngayong taon. Ikinararangal kong makasama ang mga tulad ninyong nagsisilbing pinto para sa maraming kabataang Pilipino upang makiisa sa pagsusulong ng ating bayan. Talaga
namang lumalakas ang ating enerhiya kapag mga kahenerasyon natin ang ating nakakasama. (laughter/applause)

Maraming salamat sa mga grupong puspusang naghanda para sa mahalagang paggawad na ito — sa National Youth Commission, sa TAYO Awards Foundation na pinasimulan ng ating butihing kasamahang Senator Kiko Pangilinan, (applause) at sa iba pang mga photographer tulad ni Miel at ni Frankie, (laughter) at sa iba pang mga ahensya sa loob at labas ng gobyerno.

Pang-walong taon na ito na binibigyan ninyo ng marapat na pagkilala ang iba’t-ibang samahan ng kabataang Pilipino na nagsusulong sa pagbabago sa kanikanilang malayang pamamaraan, sa kani-kanilang mga komunidad sa buong bansa. Nawa’y magpatuloy pa ang taunang pagkilalang ito, kasabay ng patuloy na pakikilahok ng mas marami pang kabataang Pilipino tungo sa pagpapaunlad ng ating bansa.

Aaminin ko po: mabigat pa rin ang mga problema at hamong kinakaharap ng bansa natin ngunit kung iisipin natin ang lakas na maibubunga ng samasamang pagkilos naniniwala akong kaya nating makagawa ng pagbabago. Kailangan lamang tumayo ang bawat isa — makiisa at ang lakas ng indibidwal ay magiging lakas ng isang matatag na grupo.

Dito nagsimula ang People Power po sa EDSA. Masasabi kong dito rin
nagsimula ang People Power nitong nakaraang eleksyon, kung saan karamihan sa inyong sektor ang nagtiwala sa ibinabandila nating pag-asa. Batid din ninyong hindi dito nagtatapos ang tagumpay na ito: lahat tayong mga Pilipino–bata man o dating bata, mahirap man o may kaya — ay mayroong papel na  kailangang gampanan sa ating lipunan.

Kayong naririto ngayon, kayo ang mga nanindigan at nakiisa sa ating mandato: ang simulan at unti-unting tuparin ang matagal na nating inaasam na pagbabago. Sa pakikibahagi ninyo sa inyong mga organisasyon, hindi ninyo ipinagdamot ang inyong oras, talino, at talento upang makatulong sa pagtugon sa mga lokal at pambansang suliranin.

Alam niyo, kung tutuusin, pwede naman kayong magbabad na lang sa Facebook sa free time ninyo, hindi ba? Baka ako pa ang pinag-iisipan ninyo
doon. (laughter) Kaya naman bilib ako sa inyong mga naririto ngayon. Kung nasa mga networking sites man kayo, alam ninyo kung paano balansehin ito sa inyong mga gawain at mga trabaho. Alam din ninyo kung paano ito gamitin upang maging behikulo sa paghikayat pa sa mas marami pang tao na
makipagtulungan sa inyo. Hindi kayo nagpapagamit sa teknolohiya; kayo ang gumagamit nito upang maging kasangkapan ninyo sa inyong mabubuting

Sa inyong mga inobatibong paraan, ipinamalas ninyo ang inyong dedikasyon na maiangat ang kabuhayan ng ating mga kababayan sa iba’t ibang larangan:
sa edukasyon, kalusugan, kalikasan, kabuhayan, kapayapaan, at iba pa.

Lubos ang paghanga ko sa inyo, na sa murang edad pa lamang ay mulat na sa inyong mahalagang papel sa atin pong lipunan. Pinatunayan ninyo sa bansa,
sa inyong kapwa Pilipino, at lalo na sa mga kahenerasyon ninyo na kumikilos na ang kabataan sa panahong ito. May pakialam kayo, at imbes na
magreklamo nang magreklamo ay nakikibahagi kayo sa solusyon.

Totoong napakalaki ng bilang ng inyong sektor. Halos treinta porsyento ng kabuuan ng ating populasyon ay mga kabataan. Tunay na pambihira ang
potensyal nito. Isipin na lamang ninyo: lampas dalawampu’t pitong milyong Pilipino nakikipagtulungan sa gobyerno upang supilin ang kahirapan; lampas
dalawampu’t pitong milyong Pilipino nagkakaisa sa pagpapaunlad ng bayan.Tumayo at nakikiisa na kayo sa pagtahak natin sa tuwid na landas. Isipin na
lamang ninyo kung isa-isa pang titindig ang iba pang kabataan, ang iba pang Pilipino, at sasama sa atin sa landas ng pagbabago.

Kaya naman, ang isa sa mga hamon ko sa inyo: hikayatin pa sana ninyo ang nakakarami pa nating kababayan. Taglay ninyo ang lakas at sigla; taglay din
ninyo ang talino at ang mga ideyang makabago. Gamitin ninyo sa tamang paraan ang inyong pagkabata. Alam kong mayron pa ring mga kabataan o mayrong iilan na kabataan ang matitigas ang ulo, pasaway, mayron na rin sa kanila ang nasasadlak sa iba’t-ibang klaseng bisyo, ngunit huwag sana kayong
susuko sa kanila tulad ng nagawa ninyo. Nawa’y gabayan ninyo sila at dimagsawang magsilbing ehemplo.

Kasabay ng inyong pagsusumikap, asahan ninyong patuloy pa ang pagkayod ng gobyerno upang mapabuti ang kalagayan ng bansa. Asahan ninyo ang
patuloy pang pagsuporta ng aking administrasyon sa sektor po ng kabataan.

Katulong ang National Youth Commission, isinusulong natin… (applause) isinusulong natin ang mga inisyatibang nagtataguyod sa kapakanan ng
kabataang Pilipino. Isa na rito ang paglikha ng Local Youth Development Councils na siya ring gagabay sa kabataan tungo sa tamang pagpapasya at
huhubog sa kanilang kakayahang itaguyod ang nararapat.

Nakikipag-ugnayan din tayo sa mga ahensiyang tulad ng United Nations Children’s Fund at United Nations Population Fund upang makapagsagawa ng
mga programa para sa aktibong partisipasyon ng mga kabataan sa komunidad.

Mayroon din tayong Unlad-Kabataan Program, ang umbrella program ng DSWD para sa mga kabataang kapus-palad, na may layuning tulungan ang
mga out-of-school youth upang sila’y maging responsable at kapakipakinabang sa kanilang pamilya at sa komunidad.

Ang layo ng mararating natin bilang isang bansa ay nakasalalay sa sama-sama nating pagkilos. At muli, kinakailangan ang tulong ng bawat isa, lalo na ng
kabataan, na siya ring magmamana at magpapatuloy ng itinataguyod nating magandang kinabukasan.

Ipaalala ko lang po: kayo pong nasa kabataan kung tayo po’y papalarin at maituwid ang ating lipunan matagal kayong makikinabang kaysa sa amin ni
Senator Kiko. (laughter) Pero pag tayo po ay nagtamad-tamaran at nagwalang pakialam mas matagal naman kayong magdudusa. Kaya mas importante yung doble ang kayod niyo.

Patuloy akong umaasa at nagtitiwala sa inyo. Ang parangal na natanggap ninyo ngayong araw ay bunga ng mabuting hangarin at pagsisikap ng inyong
organisasyon. Maging hamon sana ito upang mas pangalagaan at mas pagbutihin pa ninyo ang inyong mga gawain.

Bilang isang organisasyon, alam kong marami pa kayong pagdadaanan. Marami pa kayong haharaping mga balakid sa pagtahak ninyo sa tuwid na
landas. Alam kong darating ang mga pagkakataong tila sinasakluban na kayo ng dilim.

Ang panawagan ko sa inyo: manatili kayong matatag, huwag kayong lilihis ng daan, at patuloy ninyong pag-alabin ang liwanag ng pag-asa. Marami na
tayong napagtagumpayan sa kaunting panahon ng ating panunungkulan.

Wala na po tayong aantabayanan kundi ang positibong resulta ng ating pagbabayanihan. Sa ating pagtutulungan, nasisilayan na natin ang liwanag po
ng tagumpay. Patuloy kayong manindigan. Ito na ang tamang panahon para sa ating sama-samang pagkilos. Gaya ng minsang naibahagi ng akin pong Ina:
“Kung hindi kayo, sino pa? Kung hindi ngayon, kailan pa?”

Muli, pagbati sa lahat ng mga pinarangalang organisasyon sa taong ito. Marami pong salamat sa inyong halimbawa. Mabuhay tayong — tama ho ito ang pinakaimportante dito — Mabuhay ho tayong mga kabataan! (laughter) at Mabuhay tayong mga Pilipino! (applause) Magandang umaga ho.

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TAYO 8 Response Speech

December 9, 2010

Sa kagalang galang nating Pangulong Noynoy Aquino at Senador Kiko Pangilinan; sa Chairman ng National Youth Commission, G. Chris Arnuco;  sa Pangulo ng TAYO Awards, G. Bam Aquino; sa Presidente ng Coca Cola Export Corporation, G. Guillermo Aponte; kay Secretary Sonny Coloma; kay Undersecretary Celia Yangco; sa aking mga kasamahang TAYO 8 National Finalists, mga panauhin, magandang umaga.

“The youth is the hope of our nation”. Though a cliche’, this proverbial quote uttered by our very own national hero Dr. Jose Rizal became a pillar for the Filipino youth’s vision to create change. While continuously holding on to our ideals on integrity and excellence in our leadership, service and sense of volunteerism, we would like to relay in a nutshell how the TAYO experience created a major change in our lives, in the future of our respective organizations (and our beneficiaries).

Sa nagdaang limang araw, nabiyayaan kaming mga National Finalists ng TAYO 8 na makilala ang isa’t isa, makipag-unahan sa paggising sa umaga para makarami sa breakfast buffet, makipagkulitan sa bus habang naglalaro ng Pinoy Henyo, magpapicture kung saan-saan, sabihing “ay, na-stress ako”, magkantiyawan, magtawanan, at higit sa lahat, maging magkakaibigan.

Ngayong papatapos na ang mga makukulay na araw na ito at muli kami’y babalik sa aming sari-sariling komunidad na pinagsisilbihan, baon namin ang mayayamang karanasan at natutuhan mula sa isa’t isa:

Una, tunay ngang panalo na kaming lahat. Makinig ka lang sa kwento ng bawat isa, talagang mapabibilib ka sa kung papaanong nakagagawa ang aming kapwa kabataan ng pagbabago sa kanilang mga sariling paraan. Iba-iba man ang aming isyung tinutugunan, nananalig kami na ang aming pagkilos ay nagsimula sa paniniwalang may magagawa kami para sa bayan. Merong pananalig.

Ikalawa, marahil, totoo ngang ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan sapagka’t naririto kaming mga kabataan na pumiling makilahok sa solusyon sa problema – we chose to win the battle against apathy by making sure that the spirit of volunteerism will prevail. Merong pakikilahok.

Ikatlo, bagama’t galing kami sa iba’t ibang panig ng bansa na may iba’t ibang adhikain at konteksto: Muslim man o Kristiyano, magsasaka man o guro, mahirap man o mayaman, napag-isa kami ng aming pagmamahal sa kapwa – ng pagmamahal sa bayan. Sa komunidad na ito ng TAYO, naramdaman naming hindi kami nag-iisa; may mga kasama kami sa pakikibaka. At hindi lamang ang aming mga kapwa kabataan, kundi mga nakatatandang patuloy na naniniwala sa aming kakayahan. Merong pakikiisa.

Sa mata namin ngayon, tunay ngang maliwanag ang kinabukasan ng ating bayan. Maninindigan kami sa desisyong ito na makilahok, makiisa, at manalig para sa ating kinabukasan. Gayunpaman, magiging mahirap ang aming tatahaking landas kung kami-kami lamang ang magsusumikap para sa pagbabago. Kailangan namin ang tulong ninyo. Manindigan TAYO. Manalig TAYO. Makilahok TAYO. Makiisa TAYO. Magtulung-tulungan TAYO.

Sa mga miyembro ng TAYO Secretariat, NYC, Office ni Senator Kiko at sa lahat ng kinatawan ng mga tumulong sa programang ito: sa Coca-Cola Export Corporation, PAGCOR, Jollibee, BPI, DSWD, DA, TeaM Energy Foundation, Ninoy and Cory Aquino Foundation Sampu ng aking mga kasamahang National Finalists Daghang salamat. Madamo gid na salamat, Muchisimas gracias, Mwasalam, Dios mabalos, Thank you

Sa aming mga kasamahan sa organizasyon, mga kaibigan, mga kapamilya at Diyos Maykapal, Maraig na salamat, Iyaman, Matamang salamat, Agya-manak, Munyaman ami, Maraming maraming salamat. Mabuhay ang kabataang Pilipino. Mabuhay TAYO!

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8th TAYO Awards celebrates public-private partnerships

Press Release
December 8, 2010

A group of individuals in Mindanao took the initiative to build ecological sanitation toilets in upland marginal areas because of lack of water for flushing. Another group focused on creating an artificial underground structure increasing the ground’s ability to absorb water to address the issue of flooding in their community in Visayas. Yet another sought to revive cultural and ethnic pride in Ifugao amidst increasing diaspora.

These aren’t groups in government or NGOs funded by large donors. These are enterprising youth organizations in the country, and just some of the finalists in this year’s search for the Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations. Running on its 8th year, the Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations Awards is proof positive that public-private partnerships in the Philippines is alive and thriving.

The groups mentioned above are some of the finalists in this year’s awards. The Association of Locally Empowered Youth-Northern Mindanao (ALEY-NM) took on the task of helping out their community in addressing their sanitation problems. Farmers there obtain water from far-off creeks, which aren’t enough even for a proper sewage system. This prompted ALEY-NM to create EcopPee—collecting urine to be used as fertilizer. They also took on the task of collecting rainwater for household use.

The Pag-asa Youth Association (PYA) Talisay Chapter focused on the flooding problem in their community. They created an artificial underground structure called Ground Permeability Enhancer (GPE) to increase the ground’s ability to absorb water. They dig a hole deep enough to reach the sandy layer of soil. They used hollow blocks to fill the hole then added rocks and soil. The spaces in between then act as channels where water can enter and be evenly distributed. Pretty clever for an organization composed mainly of out-of-school youths.

The Ponchon and Maanichar Centennial Batch Association, Inc. sought to generate income to help in developing their community and preserving the culture surrounding the Ifugao rice terraces. Troubled by the slowly eroding interest among the youth of their heritage, the group developed the Mayoyao Eco-Cultural Tours—attracting both local and foreign tourists.

The Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations Awards was launched in 2002 through the initiative of Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan. It has since gained support from various government and private companies looking to encourage the youth in nation-building. This year Coca-Cola will give P50,000 cash grant to all TAYO winners.

The winners will be announced on December 9, 2010 at a ceremony hosted by Malacanang and his excellency President Benigno Aquino III at 9:00AM.

TAYO Awards Foundation is a non-stock, non-profit foundation which aims to promote the convergence of stakeholders and policies for effective national and local governance.

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admin8th TAYO Awards celebrates public-private partnerships