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Student Nurses Association of the Philippines (SNAP) of the West Visayas State University

Creating Change Through: Health and Education Action Reform Thrusts or HEART

The Student Nurses Association of the Philippines (SNAP) of the West Visayas State University is part of a nationwide association of nursing students. Their project aptly dubbed HEART or Health and Education Action Reform Thrusts is a year-round health awareness campaign consisting of three components namely Araw Pambata, Health Forum and Healthy Environment for a Reform Tomorrow. HEART served as an avenue where the nursing students were able to help their community in Iloilo City by applying the knowledge and skills they learned in school.

Faye Dominique Palmares served as SNAP’s representative to the 8th TAYO Search. She expressed the organization’s sense of accomplishment in knowing that they all contributed to the growth and development of the community belonged to.

In her presentation before a panel of judges, Faye reported that the accomplishment provided her and her fellow SNAP members an avenue for growth and self-development, firmly believing that people learn even from all people they engage with and from the one’s they teach.

“We make caring our target, and we empower people by putting health in their hands,” she added.

What’s the Story?

HEART serves as an “adopt-a-barangay” project where students are able to teach proper health practices and at the same time learn from hands-on experience. Nursing seniors mentor students from lower year levels to ensure continuing efforts and promote team-building.

Through SNAP’s spearheading, groups from the West Visayas State University such as the Mountaineering Club, The Extension and Research Office, and the Alumni Association of Nursing, worked hand in hand with barangay officials and residents. Non-government organization Help Panay also extended assistance in the form of learning materials.

Araw Pambata was conducted in the Day Care Centers of Barangay Nabitasan and Barangay Magsaysay. The members of SNAP assessed the health of the children in the centers and taught them healthy practices through games and storytelling.

The Health Forum was a seminar that aimed to raise awareness on Leptospirosis, a disease that is usually pervasive during flooding due to contaminated water. The forum was held in Barangay Nabitasan, where frequent flooding and crowded areas expose residents to a higher risk of contracting infectious disease.

The third component of HEART, which is the Healthy Environment for a Reform Tomorrow, was a tree-planting activity, carried out in cooperation with the Mountaineering Club in the Maasin Watershed of Iloilo.

Recognition and Success

Aside from receiving a 25,000 peso grant, SNAP’s recognition as a TAYO 8 National Finalist strengthens the organizations goals and future plans. Currently, members are aiming to organize a health forum and further pursuing linkages with more partner organizations.

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adminStudent Nurses Association of the Philippines (SNAP) of the West Visayas State University

Nursing Central Board of Students – UST

Creating Change Through: Nursing Nature

Nursing Nature is the advocacy program on environmental awareness, protection, and preservation of the UST Nursing Central Board of Students (NCBS). Launched in June 2008, the school-based program is implemented through a 3-part scheme consisting of Awareness, Action, and Advocacy.

What’s the Story?

The story begins with the initiative of Rachel R. Milante, NCBS Secretary for the 2008-2009 school year. For her, participating in a youth camp in Hua Lien Taiwan changed everything. At the camp, they tackled the issue of global warming— an issue that became close to her heart after having dealt with the severe aftermath of super typhoon Reming in her hometown in Legaspi City. She then spent most of her time thinking of concrete ways to raise awareness on the issue and this lead to the conceptualization of the Nursing Nature project.

NCBS, through a core committee, carried out environmental seminars, held a paper drive and set-up a 5-peso discount scheme on non-use of Styrofoam food containers in the cafeteria. They also took cues from certain approaches they learned in their studies such as preventive care and applied them to pre-emptive projects like waste reduction.

Furthermore, they re-introduced basic concepts in environmental concern by holding popular events such as beauty pageants and pet shows to garner participation of more people. The project gradually expanded from a movement within the College of Nursing to bringing the issue to the UST community and to participating in the Saving Planet Earth Expo and Conference held in TriNoma Mall last April 2010.

From a simple idea to a campus-wide movement, Nursing Nature shows that steps in the right direction, no matter how small, add up to a collective effort.

Recognition and Success

Last December 9, 2010 Nielson Dane Gustilo of the Nursing Central Board Of Students gave a speech in the Malacañan Palace on behalf of the all TAYO 8 participants. He addressed an audience, that included the President of the Philippines, and called on everyone to have faith, to help each other and to be part of the solution. He spoke calmly in Filipino:

“Napag-isa kami ng aming pagmamahal sa kapwa at bayan. Sa komunidad ng TAYO, naramdaman naming hindi kami nag-iisa. May kasama kami sa pakikibaka… Baon namin ang mayayaman na karanasan na natutunan namin sa isa’t-isa. Tunay na panalo na kaming lahat.

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adminNursing Central Board of Students – UST