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Pagaypay 4-H Club. Brgy. Pagaypay, Passi City, Iloilo

Chain of Change (Entrepreneurship): Where you invest your money affects your return on investment. Pagaypay 4-H Club is teaching out-of-school youth to be entrepreneurs and place their fate on more stable business, one that leads them close to home.

Linked Up!: Department of Agriculture, Department of Science and Technology

The TAYO Connection: The organization’s influence on OSYs was recognized by the community and the DOST, who pushed them to apply for the TAYO Search.

The Pagaypay 4-H Club is a community-based organization in Barangay Pagaypay, Passi City, Iloilo. The 4 Hs stand for using your heart, head, hands, and health for the community.

You understand that they use all 4 Hs in this project. As the local community shun out of school youth for gambling or lazing about in the streets, Pagaypay members use their hearts to embrace these OSYs and help them with their heads. The outcome was to divert them from leaving their fates to cards of fortune and give them livelihood. And with a helping hand for service, 4-H extended their help in starting an on-going livelihood project that aims to alleviate the economic situation of their members and families.

With the assistance of the Agricultural Training Institute and the West Visayas State University, they have opened to their members the access to Swine Raising and Native Chicken Dispersal through an easy to pay scheme in acquiring pigs and chickens. These programs will allow them to raise their own livestock for personal consumption and livelihood.

Yet, the focus of their program is the unique Pineapple Wine Processing. The program started after 5 members participated in a Fruit Processing Training conducted by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST). From a starting capital of only one thousand pesos (1000Php) and a production of 25 bottles sold at the price of P180 per bottle, they earned P3,500. They rolled their earnings to expand the project.

The innovativeness of the product, its good quality and visibility in agricultural fairs and exhibits has gained balikbayans and foreign tourists as patrons.

Among the organizations accomplishments are the 2007 Gawad Saka National Award as the Most Outstanding Young Farmers Organization of the Philippines and the 2006 Most Outstanding Young Farmer of the Province award for one of its members.

When before their members were just out-of-school youth looking for something to occupy their time with, they now are able to help their parents earn a living. They no longer need to go to the city to find work, since the organization gives them economic opportunities. Some were even able to finance their return to school on their own.

Converting the TAYO prize: The group will be investing their prize on further developing their pineapple wine product to meet the standards of the export market.

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