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Pag-asa Youth Association-Talisay City Chapter Talisay City, Cebu

•    Department of Agriculture Special Award

•    Department of Social Welfare and Development Special Award

Chain of Change (Environment): The organization not only lessened the flooding in the barangay, but also mobilized volunteers among the out-of-school youth for the construction of the project

Linked Up!: Local Barangay and Local Engineer Lee Consul

The TAYO Connection: PYA Talisay Chapter entered a different project for TAYO 7, where they became a finalist.  The members were challenged upon hearing that TAYO was a tough and rigorous competition. They further pushed to apply as their chapter was voted to join TAYO by their main association.

PYA Talisay literally dug and built up their organization to qualify to the prestigious ten with their Ground Permeability Enhancer (GPE) project.  This will alleviate flooding in its location, at the same time replenishing the water table.

This is the idea behind the GPE: Dig a hole deep enough to reach the sandy part of the soil and wide enough to accommodate the wide circumference of the structure. Build a pyramid of hollow blocks inside the hole. Fill up the hole with soil. Theoretically if water enters the porous soil, it will pass through the holes of the hollow blocks into the sandy area of the land, then the underground aquifer.

Their organization was recommended by the DSWD to local engineer Lee Consul, who was then looking for a youth organization to partner with in building the first GPEs in their area.

The group endorsed the idea to the heads of two identified barangays: Sitio Minggoy and Sitio Mangga.  Three pilot areas were identified as sites for the structures.

The OSY members became the manpower needed to build the structures. They dug holes, picked up and assembled the hollow block pyramid and hauled soil until the structures were stable enough to walk over.

Initially the group was skeptical about the effects of the GPE.  Upon finishing the first structure, they anticipated a downpour.  They immediately noticed the creation of a mini-whirlpool in the puddle of water that formed over the GPE. They noticed that the usual knee-deep flood in the area now reached ankle deep only. Residents report that not only are their homes flood-free, they have noticed that their water pump handles were heavier, indicating higher water pressure.

Their members that provided the labor in the construction of the GPEs were given honoraria. The residents in the area were happy with the decrease in the flood levels. Other barangays in Talisay City and other locations in Cebu who have heard of the project are now looking forward to the creation of GPEs in their own low-lying areas.

Converting the TAYO prize: PYA aims to save the prize money for the administration of their group. Also, they will use it to educate OSYs for entrepreneurship and fund their small snack businesses like munchkins and yema-making.

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