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Project LIBRO

Project LIBRO
University of San Carlos Chemical Engineering Society (USC-ChES)
Cebu City

This project aims to ignite in every student the interest of reading. This is an undertaking by the University of San Carlos Chemical Engineering Society (USC ChES) that aims to provide educational reinforcement and support to pupils of remote public elementary schools in Cebu who deserve to have quality education just like any other student in all parts of the Philippines. Project LIBRO intends to achieve its goal by setting and developing the students’ inclination to read books and at the same time help them improve their reading comprehension. This project has five stages but before these stages, the organization conducts school assessment to determine its beneficiary. The five phases are: library installation, information upload, book reader index, reinforcement of reading materials, and optimization of resources.

Since 2013, the organization was able to help five far-flung elementary schools all over Cebu. They were able to install libraries in Tabla Elementary School, Amancion Primary School, Kabac Elementary School, Child Development Facility in Dumanjug, and Sitio Kanipaan Day Care Center. Aside from installing libraries, the organization also conducts various activities that aim to motivate students to continue reading such as puppet shows, storytelling and motivational talks.

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