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ChEck Marks the Spot

Project C++: ChEck Marks the Spot
University of the Philippines Chemical Engineering Society (UP KEM)

Project C++: ChEck Marks the Spot is a continuing project of the UP Chemical Engineering Society, Inc. that aims to ignite the appreciation of high school students to the fundamental disciplines of science and technology. The project has three major events namely ChEmaraderie a four-day science summer camp which aims to equip students necessary and basic laboratory skills in chemistry and physics; KEM CAReS or the College Admission Review Series which is a four-week long event that aims to help high schools students pass their college entrance exams; and, ChEcklist which is a roving career caravan that aims to introduce and promote chemical engineering to grade 9 students. These three events are the tools of the organization to spark interest of young high school students all over the country on science and technology.

Since June 2014, 804 students nationwide benefitted from the project. On its 5th year, KEM CAReS has touched the lives of over 550 students nationwide: 107 from Cebu City National High School; 34 students from Angeles City Science High School in Pampanga; 65 students from Sta. Monica National High School in Batangas; 68 students from Quirino High School; 139 students from Pasig City National High School; and 138 students from Davao City National High School. On its 6th year, ChEmaraderie has helped 8 students from St. Jude Catholic High School through the lectures and experiments in chemistry and physics. On its 1st year, ChEcklist has shown 246 students from Pasig City High School students what chemical engineering is all about.

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