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Philippine Stagers Foundation. Sampaloc, Manila

Chain of Change (Art): Reality recreated by Art creates Reality. Ako Ninoy, as a script shaped by the past, is also a play that through its funds carries on the future history of scholars.

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The Ako Si Ninoy play proved that art can be a spark that will ignite society into action.  Through the play, they were able to illustrate the life of the Aquinos.  They were also able to illuminate the lives of their scholars as proceeds of the play were allocated for their tuition and other academic fees. The play also encouraged the youth to take to the stage in their efforts to change their path in life.

This is why The Ako Si Ninoy play caught the eye of the media to focus their lens on the Philippine Stagers Foundation, a community-based theater organization. The musical portrayed the heroism of both Ninoy and Cory Aquino through stories of everyday heroes. Through this performance, they were able to spread the message that everyone can be heroes in their own way, drawing inspiration from the life and legacy of two of the most celebrated public figures of our time.

Conceptualized long before the passing of the late President Cory, the musical entitled was written and directed by the Stagers’ adviser Atty. Vincent Tañada. The play received the full support of then-Benigno S. Aquino Foundation (now known as Ninoy and Cory Aquino Foundation or NCAF) and the blessings of the late President. It garnered a lot of attention from the media and packed venues.

In line with the message of their play, the Stagers held various outreach programs and volunteered during the wake/funeral of the late President. Part of the ticket sales also went to the scholarship fund of members of the organization who are on full college scholarships.
Through these efforts, the troupe made a great impact on audiences around the Philippines and ignited the spirit of volunteerism for those involved. They blurred the line between performing on stage and acting in real life, thus inspiring the audience to be involved in redefining Philippine society. What started out as a tribute performance became a successful socio-cultural contribution.

Ako Si Ninoy went to receive accolades such as the ALIW Awards for Best Child Performer, Best Musical Director and Best Musical Play. Currently, the Philippine Stagers are gearing up for an international run to make the world their stage.  They are also into the production of “Cory ng EDSA” which will illustrate the events of the People Power Revolution, an event that most youth now have only encounter in their history books.

Converting the TAYO prize:
They will fund it for their next acting workshop for their upcoming play.

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