• Open to all groups, organizations, clubs and societies whose membership and leadership are composed of at least 15 members who are 15 to 30 years old.
• The project entry to be submitted must be a recently concluded project or an ongoing program. A project proposal does not qualify as an entry.
• A continuing project entry (or one that started in 2012) must either be completed, or a major portion must have been undertaken by the deadline.


Organizations shall be judged on the basis of the submitted project entry. TAYO focuses on projects that meet the following criteria:
HARNESSING THE SPIRIT OF VOLUNTEERISM AND CITIZENSHIP (involvement of the community, especially the youth in planning, implementing and evaluating the program or project)
CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION (introduction/application of new technologies, uniqueness of services or products, promotion of unique or indigenous ways or materials)
EFFECTIVE USE OF RESOURCES (financial resourcefulness, networking with similar organizations, identifying local supporters)

General Search mechanics and Guidelines

• Recipients of other awards are eligible. Winners of last year’s TAYO ( Year 9 ) are not eligible to join. Other previous TAYO winners and finalists may still participate, provided that they submit a project entry different from the one submitted before.
• Use only white, short (8.5 x 11 in.) bond paper for the attachment containing the organization and program/project profiles.
• Use only staple wires to put together documents; do not bind project entries for submission.
• Do not attach other documents that are not required for submission. When necessary, the TAYO Secretariat will request for additional data.
• Lack or non-compliance of search requirements will result in automatic disqualification.
• The organizers reserve the right to modify, alter or amend the above-stated rules or waive compliance therewith at their sole discretion if such steps are in accordance with the purpose of the search and awards scheme.
• All decisions of the TAYO Screening Committee and Panel of Judges are final. No correspondence pertaining to these decisions shall be entertained.
• All materials submitted to the TAYO Secretariat automatically become property of the organizers.


• Accomplished Entry Form. Do not leave any items in the entry form blank. Make sure that all information asked for is answered.

• List of officers, leaders and founders (if any). Please indicate name, position, contact number/s (landline and/or cellphone) and email addresses.

• One-page certification attesting to the existence and veracity of the information submitted
– for In-School Youth Organizations, a certification from the Office of Student Affairs
– for Community-based, Out-of-School or Working Youth Organizations, a certification from the barangay or local officials

• Submit an application briefer using the prescribed format that can be downloaded from the TAYO Website: www.tayoawards.net

Please use Arial font and at least 12 font size. This application briefer will give details about the following:
– description of your project entry (one page)
– who are the people involved in the project (1/2 page)
– background of your project entry (1/2 page)
– Future plans for the project (1/2 page)
– background of your organization (1/2 page)
– resources used (1/2 page)
– Who are your beneficiaries and how did they benefit (1/2 page)

• Three-page project documentation (can be any of the following: photos, testimonies of partners or beneficiaries, certificates, etc.)

Note  if  downloading a form the application briefer will be downloaded together with the entry from. If registering online there a designated button will appear  for the application briefer after the entry form is accomplished


Submission of Requirements

• Organizations are encouraged to submit their applications online via the website www.tayoawards.net using the online form and submit the attachments via email to [email protected]. Please indicate in the subject of your email the name of your organization.
• Alternatively, you may also mail or hand-carry applications to:

The TAYO Secretariat
National Youth Commission
Bookman Building,
373 Quezon Avenue
Quezon City

Process of Selection

First Level – Secretariat Paper Screening
The secretariat and screening committees receive applications
and verify document completion.

Second Level – Area Screening
Using a new screening form, local screening panels for each of the four areas (Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao and NCR) rate the organizations based on the documents submitted. The top ten (10) organizations from each island group are elevated into the next round.

Third Level – Field Validation
Validators will be given a list of qualifying questions to verify if the selected ten (10) organizations meet necessary requirements to be part of the Area Finals. The validators will conduct on-site visits to meet with the organization and to examine the documentation they will be provided with to substantiate their eligibility. In the occasion that validators find that said organizations fail to pass important qualifiers, they will be eliminated from the list of Area Finalists. The secretariat will decide if there is a need for Area Finals in the area should there be only five (5) qualified organizations.

Fourth Level – Area Finals/Judging
The ten area finalists’ representatives deliver a presentation
to a panel of judges. Based on the presentations and the question and answer portion, the judges determine the five (5) winning organizations from each area that will proceed to the national finals. Ranking of scores will be used.

Fifth Level – National Finals/Judging
The representatives from each of the twenty finalists undergo the same process utilized during the area judging, facing a panel of multi-sectoral personalities serving as judges. Each of the finalists speaks alongside a standardized five-minute power



Fill out the entry form completely. Do not leave any field blank.

All requirements (list of officers, certification, and photos) can be scanned and sent via email to [email protected]

You also have the option to DOWNLOAD the Entry Form, fill it out physically and mail it, together with the other requirements, to the TAYO Secretariat.


Fill out the entry form online:


Download the entry form and mail it to us:

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