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Iwas SUnog GADget (ISUGAD)

Iwas SUnog GADget (ISUGAD)
Technological University of the Philippines-Manila – Instrumentation and Control Student’ Society (TUP-ICSS)

ISUGAD is a product of ICSS principle “CONTROLAMOS TODO POR LA TECHNOLOGIA” which means “we control all the technology”. ISUGAD is a technology built by the organization that aims to save lives and prevent disasters brought about by conflagration. The device was installed in the barangay hall of Barangay 738 Zone 80, Malate, Manila. Once the device monitors smoke or any possibility of fire, the device will send an alert to the barangay authorities and will trigger the fire alarm system to avoid escalation of fire or possibility of damages and losses. Aside from this, the device can also display the current status of temperature, humidity, smoke and the level of safety within 10 meters circumference of the barangay hall on an LCD monitor.

To be more effective, ISUGAD has an ability to interpret the data being sensed by the temperature, humidity and smoke sensors and by using the modern technology of Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) module, ISUGAD can immediately send a text message to the barangay officials regarding the abnormalities of the data on the fire alarm system inside the barangay hall. In addition, the barangay officials can also request the current status of the ambient temperature, environment humidity and the smoke level of the barangay by simply sending text message to ISUGAD and ISUGAD will automatically reply with the requested data.

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