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Generation TAYO, Generation Happiness

The TAYO Awards Foundation, Inc. launched a bigger and bolder Search for the Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations last May 30, 2015. In its thirteenth year, the Search improves to highlight novel youth organizations and advocacies in the country. The Search introduces a new format that will not only select the best youth organizations in the country, but will also spread the different stories and initiatives of the Filipino youth groups in changing lives and creating lasting impact on different communities. TAYO would like to bring into the limelight the different pioneering advocacies of the different Filipino youth groups around the country through the new categories.

To highlight the new categories, TAYO launches the fourth Generation TAYO (GenTAYO) contest with the theme “GenTAYO 2015: Photos of Happiness” (GenTAYO PH). GENTAYO 2015 Photos of Happiness is a photo contest open to all Filipino youth organizations championing Filipino culture of bayahinan. GENTAYO PH is looking for striking images capturing young Filipinos actively doing their programs, pursuing their advocacies, and creating an impact in communities. Through a thematic approach, organizations can submit as many photos as they can featuring their projects.

The categories of GENTAYO 2015: Photos of Happiness are the following: (1) Education and Technology, (2) Health and Well-being, (3) Environment and Disaster Risk Reduction, (4) Livelihood and Entrepreneurship, and (5) Culture, Arts, Peace, and Development. The selected themes shall draw upon GENTAYO’s vision of capturing moments of change and happiness in the Filipino society. Entries will be judged using the following criteria: (1.) Content (25%); (2.) Creativity (25%); (3.) Relevance to the theme (20%); (4.) Volunteerism and youth involvement (20%); and, (5.) Number of Votes (10%). A total of Php30, 000 is up for grabs.

The deadline of submission of entries is on July 25, 2015. Winners will be announced a week after the voting period and will be awarded during the TAYO National Awarding Ceremonies. To know more about the contest, information is available in or For inquiries, TAYO Secretariat can be reached through text at 0917 TXT-TAYO (898-8296) or e-mail at [email protected] GenTAYO PH 2015 is presented by Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines and organized by the TAYO Awards Foundation, Office of Senator Bam Aquino, and the National Youth Commission.

tayo.secretariatGeneration TAYO, Generation Happiness
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