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GenTAYO: Boses ng Kabataan

GenTAYO: Boses ng Kabtaan is looking for original compositions that will tell the stories of the Filipino youth. The winning composition will be the official song of the 20th Search for TAYO Awards.

Who are we looking for?

  1. Amateur and professional Filipino youth composers. Winners of past songwriting competitions are still welcome to join.

  2. Filipino youth, aged 30 years old and below.

  3. Individuals, youth groups, barkada, mag-jowa, or any group with a maximum of 5 members. For group entries, there must be a designated official representative.

What are we looking for?

  1. Songs that tell stories of the Filipino youth highlighting its struggles, triumphs, life, advocacy, and other similar experiences in this time and generation.

  2. Entries should be original, and unreleased.

  3. The song must have a duration of at least 3 minutes but not more than 5 minutes.

  4. The song must be written in English, Filipino, or both, and must not contain any vulgar, inappropriate or offensive language.

  5. Contestants may enter as many songs as they wish.

  6. Song entries must be submitted with the official GenTAYO: Boses ng Kabataan Entry Form. There must be one Entry Form per entry.

  7. Song entries must be recorded in MP3 or MP4 format.

  8. Song must have a corresponding 30 - 60 second vertical video to be launched on the TAYO Tiktok account.

How are we going to screen?

Lyrics Content             40%





Melody                          40%



Melodic Structure



Quality                          20%

Sound Production



TOTAL                           100%

What's in it for you?


First Prize: PHP 15,000

Second Prize: PHP 10,000

Third Prize: PHP 5,000


Special Award

Tiktok's Choice Award: PHP 5,000

When is the deadline of submission?

The DEADLINE is on January 31, 2023.


By entering this competition, the entry applicant acknowledges and adheres to the GenTAYO: Boses ng Kabataan song competition eligibility requirements, including:

  • The applicant or representative is a Filipino citizen, aged 30 years old and below;

  • The entry of the participant must be original, unreleased, and have not been performed;

  • The entry does not contain any third party intellectual property rights.



By entering this competition, the entry applicant acknowledges that his/her/their private information (i.e. Name, Birth Date, Address, Contact Number, Email Address) will be collected. 

Thus, by entering this competition, the participant agrees and authorizes TAYO Awards Foundation to collect the aforementioned information, which shall be used solely for:

  • The database of GenTAYO applicants and Winners;

  • Contacting of Winners for GenTAYO; and

  • Disclosing of the Top 20 Qualifiers and Winners for GenTAYO 2023.


By entering this competition, the Participant declares that the song, lyrics, and video submitted are his/her/their original work. Furthermore, by entering this competition, the Participant acknowledges and agrees that:

  1. All entries submitted to GenTAYO: Boses ng Kabataan are subject to the rights of the TAYO Awards Foundation;

  2. TAYO Awards Foundation will have the right to promote and publicize all entries submitted to GenTAYO: Boses ng Kabataan within the bounds of the competition;

  3. If selected as a winner, TAYO Awards Foundation shall have shared and unlimited rights to his/her/their entry, including the music and lyrics, and have the full right to use the song in any non-profit publicity or promotional use by TAYO Awards Foundation hereafter; and

  4. The participant authorizes TAYO Awards Foundation to use his/her/their name, voice, song, and video, without compensation in any publicity or promotional purposes carried out by TAYO Awards Foundation hereafter. 

In turn, TAYO Awards Foundation will properly acknowledge contributions and delegate royalties  to the songwriters in capacities that it will be used.

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