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Keep Hope Alive (KHA)
Oriental Mindoro

Keep Hope Alive is an organization of youth volunteers that aims to help children and their families who are living in poverty to be educated and healthy. Their project, Fight4Five addresses the needs of community members in different Mangyan communities in Oriental Mindoro. The project focuses on five thematic areas: healthy teeth and body, access to quality education, environmental awareness, youth and community empowerment, and cultural preservation. Youth volunteers reach out to Mangyan communities to deliver services like educating children and community people on health and environment through workshops, medical missions and seminars.

The organization have conducted at least 20 visits in 2015 in different adopted Mangyan communities. They usually spend at least three days in the mountains which include hours of climbing and trekking, medical missions, feeding program, hygiene sessions, free haircut, storytelling, cultural show, games, and team building activities.

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