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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions about the TAYO Summer Youth Camp 2012

1. What are the qualifications?
Answer: Applicants must be:
Filipino citizen, 15 – 25 years old as of April 15, 2012
An active member of an organization for at least a year (school-based or community-based organization)
Of good moral character
Able to contribute to the objectives of the TAYO Summer Youth Camp 2012
Previous TAYO Winners and Finalists may apply

2. How can I join the Camp?
Answer: Apply by filling-out the application form; have your certificate of membership signed, scan the accomplished forms, and send to [email protected] with the subject: TAYO SUMMER CAMP

Optional (to avail of the camp for FREE): Accomplish the TAYO Search Project Entry Form and submit it along with the other requirements for the Camp. Other requirements for the Project Entry can follow. You just need to accomplish the Project Entry Form.

3. Is there a registration fee for the camp?
Answer: We are providing two (2) options for qualified participants:
(a) PayPhp1,500.00 which will serve as your contribution to cover for the transportation to and from Manila to Naga City, accommodation at the CWC, meals, and camp expenses;
(b)Submit ONE (1) Project Entry to the TAYO 10 Search which shall serve as your CAMP TICKET to cover for the transportation to and from Manila to Naga City, accommodation at the CWC, meals, and camp expenses.

Option B is a double-edged choice, 1 – you get to join the camp for free, and 2 – your org gets the chance to win Php50,000+ and be awarded by the President of the Philippines in Malacanang.

4. What are the criteria for the selection of participants?
Answer: The following factors shall be considered in the screening process:
Organizational Leadership
Community Involvement
Phone Screening/Interview

5. Where can we download the application forms?
Answer: You can download the .zip file here.

6. Will the Project Entry affect my application?
Answer: The project entry is only meant to be some kind of token which will serve as your ticket to participate in the camp for free. However, the entry will not affect your application for the camp. If you submit a project entry, it will automatically be considered for the TAYO 10 Search, which is a different contest.

7. What will we do in the Camp?
Answer: The camp has Five (5) Major Fields of Interest namely Music/Dance, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Photography, and e-Literature. All fields will have its own workshop leaders who are renowned artists, singers, musicians, theater practitioners, writers, and photographers.

Aside from workshops, there will also be a Bonfire/Camp Night, Concert on the 2nd night with famous bands, Amazing Naga Race, and Extreme Sports activities at the CWC Complex and a lot more!

8. Where will we be accommodated?
Answer: All campers will be housed at the CWC Complex.

9. Should we bring tents?
Answer: Though this is a camp, campers will be housed indoors with their own bathroom, TV, and airconditioning unit for security and sanitation purposes.

10. What if the question I have in mind is not answered at the FAQs?
Answer: You can:
ü shoot us an e-mail at [email protected];
ü you can post your question on our Facebook page (Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations);
ü chat with us via Facebook (TAYO Secretariat);
ü send us a text message at 0917-898-8296; or
ü call us at (02) 2116392.  

tayo.secretariatFAQs – Frequently Asked Questions about the TAYO Summer Youth Camp 2012
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