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Education Revolution Movement (EdRev Movement) Brgy. San Jose Patag, Sta. Maria, Bulacan

Chain of Change (Education): The chain of change usually comes from the elders guiding the young. EdRev Movement proves revolutionary in that aspect, that the youth can educate the generation before them as well. They are proving that an old dog can learn new tricks indeed.
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The TAYO Connection: Through a National Youth Commission meeting with student officers in Bulacan, EdRev VP Cherwin Ramos learned about TAYO through its posters.

The Education Revolution Movement (EdRev) was conceived by a group of college students from Sta. Maria, Bulacan, who lived in an area with one of the biggest population of out of school youth in the province. They decided to push for Alternative Learning System (ALS) classes as a response.

Their desire was born out of one of the founders being an OSY for 9 years, an experience that badly affected his life. His more fortunate friends became grateful for the private education that they received and decided to share it with the community. Their efforts lead to the establishment of the Education Crave Project that aims to address the problem of the growing number of OSY in the area.

Initially, it was focused solely on the OSYs, but soon some parents and grandparents in the community were also hopeful of fulfilling their dreams of getting a college diploma. It became a testament of the concept “Education for All”.

EdRev enlisted the help of DepEd and their Barangay Council to assist in their mission. They solicited donations in cash and in kind and benefited from the support of an international school in the area. Furthermore, they injected a more personalized approach to existing teaching modules by assigning 1 instructor per subject and modifying difficulty to suit the abilities of the learner.

At 8th TAYO Area Finals, Cherwin spoke of the lack education as a root problem for the underprivileged. He explained that he believes focusing on education is a way of responding to other problems like poverty, unemployment, and delinquency.

They have conducted three batches of learners for the Education Crave project already. Their learners range from 22 to 75 years old. For the first batch alone, out of the 81 learners, 15 got their high school diploma. 8 are currently enrolled in college.

When before, their barangay was plagued by OSYs and a growing hopelessness due to lack of access to education, the barangay now boasts of a newly-constructed hall where EdRev can hold their ALS classes. Not bad for an organization which started barely 2 years ago.

Converting the TAYO prize: They plan to upgrade their training room for OSYs.

adminEducation Revolution Movement (EdRev Movement) Brgy. San Jose Patag, Sta. Maria, Bulacan
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