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Cebu Pacific Partners with the TAYO Awards Foundation in Search for Outstanding Youth Groups

The Philippines’ leading airline, Cebu Pacific, is the official airline partner of the 13th Search for the Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations.

With the help of Cebu Pacific, the TAYO Awards Foundation can promote the search in key Philippine cities. The airline will also bring representatives from top student organizations for the TAYO Week in Manila.

The TAYO Awards is hailed as the country’s leading search for outstanding groups of young Filipinos who are instrumental in the development of the country through simple, worthwhile, and innovative projects meant to solve problems in their local communities, school, or workplace.

The Search aims to continue rewarding and recognizing youth groups who have been instrumental in the fields of (1) Education and Technology, (2) Health, Nutrition, and Well-Being, (3) Environment, Disaster Risk Reduction, and Climate Change Adaptation, (4) Livelihood and Entrepreneurship, and (5) Culture and the Arts and Peace and Human Development.

This is the 5th year it has been supported by Cebu Pacific.

The search is open to all Filipino youth groups, barkadas, organizations, clubs and societies whose membership and leadership are composed of at least five (5) who are 30 years old and below. Youth organizations can now enter the TAYO Search by registering at on or before 4 September 2015. All entry forms and requirements can now be downloaded and uploaded in the TAYO Official Website.

Organizations are judged based on a recent project or program that had an impact on the community and which best reflects the efforts of the youth sector towards nation building. The projects will be evaluated through the following criteria: impact of the project (25%), harnessing of the spirit of volunteerism and citizenship (25%), creativity and innovation (20%), sustainability (15%), and effective use of resources (15%).

The ten (10) TAYO Awardees shall receive Php 50,000 cash grant and a trophy sculpted by Toym De Leon Imao. The search offers several growth opportunities for all the qualifying organizations.

The ultimate goal of this year’s search is to continue the foundation’s legacy of providing avenues for growth and development to various Filipino youth organizations. The creation of the TAYO Categories seeks to identify and acknowledge the variety and strength of organizations focusing on similar advocacies. Aiming to create space for collaboration and interconnectivity, TAYO Awards Foundation envisions the TAYO Categories as the juncture of a more integrated and comprehensive space for youth development and innovation.


tayo.secretariatCebu Pacific Partners with the TAYO Awards Foundation in Search for Outstanding Youth Groups
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