TAYO Campus Tour

(26 JULY 2012)

Manila, Philippines — Schools and Universities near the University Belt can visit the TAYO booth tomorrow at the Lobby of Tan Yan Kee Building, University of Santo Tomas to avail of this one-stop application and submission for the Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations Search Year 10. Catch the TAYO team there from 1PM-5PM.

Organizations from other schools like FEU, NU, UE, San Beda, UP Manila, Arellano, CEU, FEATI, MLQU, Perpetual, La Consolacion, TIP, UM, SSC-R, and other youth organizations which are community-based can also submit their entries.

No need to print the entry forms! No need to send an e-mail! Plus you get to meet the people behind TAYO 10! Lots of surprises tomorrow!


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tayo.secretariatTAYO Campus Tour

Official List of Campers

The following are the final participants to the Camp Summer Samahan: Spark the Change Project of the TAYO Awards Foundation, Inc. and Coca-Cola Philippines:

Abad, Jordan
Abareta, Pete Francis
Acala, Archimedes
Agrupis, Cheska Arla
Alcisto, Marjon
Almanon, Benjie Tribiana
Arce, Daniel, Vergara
Archival, Jezreel
Arsitoy, Megan
Avila, Marylour Bernaldez
Ayob, Armieyah
Bacalzo, Nikita Jr. Pasco
Badajos, Kimberly
Bajet, Linnaeus lei Iveney
Balahadia, Christian Paolo
Balbastro, Jerome
Baniaga, Jessica Sapad
Bautista, Bryllie
Benigno, Maria Teresa
Bohol, Anthony
Cabanlit, Cheradee
Cagoco, Sanie Joel
Calalang, Marc Paolo Deang
Calalang, Mariel Pauline Deang
Calingacion, Alfie
Camba, Sherwin Ibasco
Canlas, Paulette
Cendana, Cliff Kevin M.
Chen, Kathryn Fel T.
Chicano, Marc Lester
Comia, Hanna Joy Dimailig
Cruz, Anna Lourdes
Cruz, Anrol Advincula
Cruz, Chinny Jin
Culibar, Ma. Julie Anne
De Leon, Juan Gabriel
De Torres, Christia
Del Rosario, Mariel
Delos Reyes, Daniel
Derafera, Rovilie Bayot
Descallar, Patricia
Divino, Marion Joyce
Dominguez, Madison
Dy Quiangco, Vinie
Enriquez, Angelo
Esmele, Anne Gabrielle
Estael, Raymark Esteban
Estareja, Zara Mae
Fabi, Kayla S.
Formoso, Jervin Dale Bermudez
Galiza, Glenn Mark A.
Gamboa, Jayvy Rosales
Gara, Mark Warren
Garcia, Janice Perez
Garcia, Lester Anne
Geronimo, Ralph Anthony Untalan
Godofredo, Guian
Gonzales, Darren Javier
Hernaez, Roxanne
Inojosa, Raynell
Jacoba, Sean Emmanuel
Juquiana, Kenneth
Laconico, Margaret
Landicho, Jean Mareynel
Malicse, Ma. Patricia
Malimata, Jesselyn Rochelle Rodriguez
Mangubat, Art
Matito, Desiree Ann
Mendoza, Lvory
Mercader, John Lesther Bonayog
Mercado, Erika Mae
Millan, Marvin Tan
Mirando, Jevie Sacueza
Morano, Darwin Neil Tondo
Mugas. John Michael
Naldoza, Nino
Oliver, Corina
Oracion, Arleigh
Orlina, Racky Jone
Paguio, Mary Plet
Palacio, Irving
Peña, Rosely Dimarucut
Peñafiel, Catherine
Pontillo, Jovie Ann Urbiztondo
Punzalan, Jedda
Ramirez, Jose Kara Lailo
Rasco, Raymund
Recla, Jenny Mae
Recto, Regil Cryst
Reyes, Anne Julia
Reyes, Dominic
Reyes, Justine Aethelberht
Reyes, Rumelle
Reyes, Sonny Engelbert
Rico, Fernadine
Rotoni, Ma. Antonette
Salvo, Mia Hyoanth
Samson, Ma. Loudette
Sanchez, Nina Samantha P.
Sanson, Recs Angelo
Simon, Alvin
Singh, Rodemille
Tañada, Ma. Carmen
Tañada, Raji Paul
Tangkusan, Denzy Rose
Tataro, Tonichi Palma
Tillo, James Joseph
Ubalubao, Eunice Montalbo
Urminita, Hazel
Valencia, Vanessa
Velasquez, Renz
Veloso, Norie Mae Catherine
Vicente, Janine Micah Balatbat
Villanueva, Arlet Cabral
Villareal, Ceferino IV Llanzana
Villareal, Jenny
Villareal, Judith
Ybiosa, Jophel B.
Yosa, Czarina Danielle Garcia


If you do not see your name on the list, this might be because we were not able to confirm your attendance via phone and via e-mail. To download the Welcome Kit, please click here.

Everything you need to know is in the Welcome Kit.




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tayo.secretariatOfficial List of Campers

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions about the TAYO Summer Youth Camp 2012

1. What are the qualifications?
Answer: Applicants must be:
Filipino citizen, 15 – 25 years old as of April 15, 2012
An active member of an organization for at least a year (school-based or community-based organization)
Of good moral character
Able to contribute to the objectives of the TAYO Summer Youth Camp 2012
Previous TAYO Winners and Finalists may apply

2. How can I join the Camp?
Answer: Apply by filling-out the application form; have your certificate of membership signed, scan the accomplished forms, and send to [email protected] with the subject: TAYO SUMMER CAMP

Optional (to avail of the camp for FREE): Accomplish the TAYO Search Project Entry Form and submit it along with the other requirements for the Camp. Other requirements for the Project Entry can follow. You just need to accomplish the Project Entry Form.

3. Is there a registration fee for the camp?
Answer: We are providing two (2) options for qualified participants:
(a) PayPhp1,500.00 which will serve as your contribution to cover for the transportation to and from Manila to Naga City, accommodation at the CWC, meals, and camp expenses;
(b)Submit ONE (1) Project Entry to the TAYO 10 Search which shall serve as your CAMP TICKET to cover for the transportation to and from Manila to Naga City, accommodation at the CWC, meals, and camp expenses.

Option B is a double-edged choice, 1 – you get to join the camp for free, and 2 – your org gets the chance to win Php50,000+ and be awarded by the President of the Philippines in Malacanang.

4. What are the criteria for the selection of participants?
Answer: The following factors shall be considered in the screening process:
Organizational Leadership
Community Involvement
Phone Screening/Interview

5. Where can we download the application forms?
Answer: You can download the .zip file here.

6. Will the Project Entry affect my application?
Answer: The project entry is only meant to be some kind of token which will serve as your ticket to participate in the camp for free. However, the entry will not affect your application for the camp. If you submit a project entry, it will automatically be considered for the TAYO 10 Search, which is a different contest.

7. What will we do in the Camp?
Answer: The camp has Five (5) Major Fields of Interest namely Music/Dance, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Photography, and e-Literature. All fields will have its own workshop leaders who are renowned artists, singers, musicians, theater practitioners, writers, and photographers.

Aside from workshops, there will also be a Bonfire/Camp Night, Concert on the 2nd night with famous bands, Amazing Naga Race, and Extreme Sports activities at the CWC Complex and a lot more!

8. Where will we be accommodated?
Answer: All campers will be housed at the CWC Complex.

9. Should we bring tents?
Answer: Though this is a camp, campers will be housed indoors with their own bathroom, TV, and airconditioning unit for security and sanitation purposes.

10. What if the question I have in mind is not answered at the FAQs?
Answer: You can:
ü shoot us an e-mail at [email protected];
ü you can post your question on our Facebook page (Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations);
ü chat with us via Facebook (TAYO Secretariat);
ü send us a text message at 0917-898-8296; or
ü call us at (02) 2116392.  

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tayo.secretariatFAQs – Frequently Asked Questions about the TAYO Summer Youth Camp 2012

TAYO Foundation launches the TAYO Summer Youth Camp 2012, submission of application officially opens

Deadline for application is EXTENDED until APRIL 20, 2012.



Manila, Philippines – 28 March 2012 – The TAYO Foundation is calling for participants for the 1st TAYO Summer Youth Camp to be held at CamSur Watersports Complex on May 3-5, 2012.

For nine years, the TAYO Search saw the Filipino youth’s living examples of heroism breaking the walls of poverty, lack of resources, and lack of opportunity. As TAYO celebrates its 10th year this 2012, we would like to raise the bar higher and provide more opportunities for growth and improvement for deserving youth leaders and youth organizations not only through the search but also through other activities. Thus, TAYO is launching the TAYO Summer Youth Camp.

It is the first of its kind in the Philippines. The TAYO Camp aims to gather youth leaders from different organizations in the country for a three-day camp where issues of the day are discussed in fun, creative, and dynamic ways. The Camp aims to inspire the participants to cultivate the DOer culture, to spread positive living as a way of life, and to encourage their fellow youth to make use of their talents, skills, and interests to open happiness in their communities.

Different fields of interests compose the TAYO Camp: (1) Music & Dance, (2) Visual Arts, (3) Performing Arts, (4) Videography & Photography, and (5) e-Literature. Applicants will have the liberty to select which workshop they would like to participate into. However, in every field, only 24 campers shall be accommodated. The Camp will be selecting a total of 120 campers from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Application is open until April 15, 2012.

The Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations (TAYO) Awards Foundation is hailed as one the country’s premier organizations which recognize outstanding groups of young Filipinos who are instrumental in the development of the country through simple, worthwhile, and innovative projects meant to solve problems in their local communities, school, or workplace.

This project is made possible through the help of the National Youth Commission, Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines, Lenovo Philippines, and Jollibee.





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tayo.secretariatTAYO Foundation launches the TAYO Summer Youth Camp 2012, submission of application officially opens

TAYO is looking for Mga Bida ng Bagong Dekada through a viral video contest

The Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations (TAYO) Awards Foundation Inc. is celebrating its 10th Year Anniversary this 2012. Aside from the annual search and awarding ceremonies it holds, TAYO Foundation has launched GENERAT10N TAYO: Mga Bida ng Bagong Dekada (A Viral Video Contest). The contest hopes to show the new generation of Filipino youth–how they play their role as nation-builders, and their visions for a better Philippines.

We have witnessed how the internet provided avenues and platforms for every Filipino to express his thoughts, his desires, and his hopes for a better life. It has developed into something  more than anyone could think of, it is like a machine which allows the exchange of thoughts and ideas across borders, across the seas, and even across our differences. And the fuel that runs the internet today is that of social networking. It connects billions of people, and the possibilities of inspiring change, of being a source of happiness, and of spreading a positive attitude towards life are virtually limitless. At the front line of this phenomenon is the youth. This generation is glued to the internet almost 24/7. Today, a single video can send an effective and powerful message to the world.

The TAYO Awards Foundation, being an organization that recognizes the power of the younger generation, believes it is high time that the spotlight be pointed at the Filipino Youth, and what they have to offer. The contest aims to show the stories, the aspirations, and the plans of this new generation of young nation-builders through Viral Videos. These short clips can inform, educate, expose, inspire, and move the youth of today.

This contest aims to highlight the dynamism, initiative, and community-involvement of the youth all over the nation. For 10 years, TAYO has witnessed how a group of young people, or even just a barkada, can open happiness to their communities. Now, the whole nation and the rest of the world will get a chance to see just that through online viral videos.

The videos must be able to answer these questions: (1) WHAT is the problem that they want to address in their community; (2) WHY do they want to address the problem; and (3) HOW do they plan to address the problem, and open happiness in their community?

TAYO Awards Foundation invites everyone all over the country to join the contest. Visit and you may just win Php25,000 for uploading a 90-second video. No registration fee is required and the number of entries to be submitted is unlimited. The contest runs until 14 April 2012.

For questions, comments, or any other concern, Text 0917 TXT-TAYO (898-8296) or e-mail [email protected] To stay updated on TAYO events, like TAYO on Facebook and follow @TAYOawards on Twitter.

GENERAT10N TAYO is also brought to you by the National Youth Commission and Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines, Inc.

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tayo.secretariatTAYO is looking for Mga Bida ng Bagong Dekada through a viral video contest

Filipino Youth Powers Nation Building With DO Machines

Ten winner organizations utilize their Lenovo PCs to further accomplish goals in helping the youth and their communities

Manila, Philippines — If proactive doers such as the recipients of the 9th TAYO (Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations) Awards are capable of great achievements even with little resources, think how much more they can do when they have innovative technology as their ally.

At the 2011 TAYO Awards—the country’s leading annual award for exceptional Filipino youth organizations—Lenovo Philippines gave each of the winners a Lenovo IdeaPad S100 netbook. In addition, one Lenovo IdeaPad Tablet K1 was given to the winner of the special IT Category award. As the exclusive technology partner, Lenovo also provided all the computers throughout the screening, evaluation and tabulation of entries of the youth organizations whose innovative programs and valuable projects have contributed to the development of their communities.

Months after the awarding ceremonies, the ten groups that bested more than 200 candidates prove to be more inspired and empowered to face the challenges as they go back to the communities they serve. This time, they have the trophy, the cash grant, the recognition, and the devices to help them.

Vicky Agorrilla, Country General Manager, Lenovo Philippines, said, “The recipients of the TAYO Awards have exemplified how the youth are indeed ‘DO-ers’—active participants of nation building. With highly functional Lenovo PCs in their hands, coupled with their deep commitment to impact society positively, we know that the youth can exhibit far more than just possibilities, but real accomplishments and tangible achievements.”

Continuing their advocacies


  The essence of Lenovo’s ‘For Those Who Do’ campaign is perfectly captured by the TAYO Awards, whose winners are chosen based on the project’s creativity, innovation, sustainability, effective use of resources, spirit of volunteerism, and impact on stakeholders. Quite aptly, Lenovo products are for “DO-ers,” people who live to seize opportunities and see technology as an integral part of their lives and a tool to help them achieve their goals.

Norhashim Ulangkaya, founder and national president of the Young Mindanawans Peace Builders (YMPB), one of the winning organizations, said, “This award [allows] us to work more on youth empowerment. It motivates us to continue our cause and sustain our projects.” YMPB advocates sustainable peace and development in conflict-ridden Maguindanao. Their large membership base (148,291) requires an organized data base the officers can quickly update and access, which they can now easily do using the laptop they received as part of the prizes.

“We use technology, especially social media, to continue our advocacies on social issues,” shared Roe Jalimao, artistic director of LegazpiCity’s AUL-S.T.A.G.E. (Sama-samang Tinig ng mga Aktor na Gumagalaw sa Entablado). AUL-STAGE produces plays excerpted from epics, such as the Bicol’s Ibalong, and involves youths from selected communities in the creative process. The members find the IdeaPad S100 ideal to bring wherever they have workshops and activities. The award is more than an affirmation of the good things that they do. “The beneficiaries and partners of our project are proud of this accomplishment and are looking forward to our next collaboration.”

Upgraded mobile lifestyle

Meanwhile, Aley NM bagged the Most Innovative Project, a special citation for the organization that has internalized the DO mindset and embodied the DO-er lifestyle with their use of technology. They took home an IdeaPad Tablet K1 in addition to the IdeaPad S100.

The group conducts training sessions meant to improve food security among their adopted communities, and to preserve nature. According to co-founder Ivan Cyril B. Sayre, they used to haul bulky charts and visual aids hand-drawn on manila paper to the training venues, usually remote areas. “It is now easier for us to be mobile community organizers as everything is in our netbook and tablet—word files, power point presentations, picture documentations.”

Being a TAYO awardee enables the group to be more confident to tell people who they are and what they do, and to more easily implement their localized volunteer programs.

Young achievers armed with DO machines

Equipped with exemplary visions, can-do attitude, spirit of volunteerism and now an award under their wings plus a powerful PC, these standout youth groups are able to intensify their campaigns in their chosen communities.

IKYO, led by president Lea Asuncion, made it to the finals because of its massive baptism program in a depressed community in Muntinlupa City. For their past and on-going projects, Indak Kabataan—whose first few members were reformed delinquents– raises funds and solicits support through the power of dance. “We’ve proven that even uneducated people like me can win in competitions such as TAYO. There is always room for change. Some of us who used to be the bane of society apparently can contribute something good to our neighborhood,” saidAsuncion. Finally having their own computer after years of renting at computer shops, the members can now accomplish their paper works faster and more efficiently, therefore soliciting support becomes easier.

To foster the growth of the national literature, LIRA runs several programs, one of which is the teaching of Filipino poetry. Phillip Yerro Kimpo Jr., president, shared: “Not all aspiring poets can attend our training clinic. For two years now we have been holding the Tulaan sa Facebook poetry contest. Our primary means of calling for new applicants and inviting people to our events is online and as such, computers play a vital role in our success.” Kimpo added: “We intend to use the prizes as well as the network we’ve built due to the TAYO Awards to bring our outreach programs to more towns, teachers and students… as well as to expand into poetry as therapy for people with illness, undergoing rehab or locked in prison.”

AKMA-RESBAK focuses on the healthcare needs of the poor as well as promotes backyard cultivation of medicinal herbs. According to chairman Christian Kempis Poleño, networking, documentation and information dissemination are crucial for their projects, and the applications of the netbook ease the members’ tasks when they have to do official transactions. “What makes the TAYO experience unique is meeting people who brought with them inspiring stories of their advocacies. Stories of success, disappointments, love, war, friendship, career, student life and plans for the future. – these are stories that have been bounded by our different regions, cultures, religions and other social factors, but have [a common thread] of passion for service and social change,” declared Poleno.

For ACCJPIA, now is an auspicious time to grow the organization to its full potential. The team assists different cooperatives in Aklan province which is lacking in accounting systems and whose members lack knowledge in business operations. “The award serves as an instrument for us to widen our horizons and continue to be student-leaders of our community. We will be able to provide more support to the cooperatives… and to have our accounting clinic… and implement more livelihood projects to our adopted barangays,” Joeby Taglay Barrientos, president, happily stated. He disclosed that the organization is endlessly thankful that they now have a reliable laptop to accomplish their tasks efficiently and effectively—a must when it comes to accounting systems.

Hapiyoh Mi educates the Cordilleran youth of their rich cultural heritage through free summer workshops on Cordilleran music, dances, traditions and practices, as the group believes that the rich culture, if not taken care of, might vanish and neither be seen nor experienced by future generations. Founder and director Maria Catbagan-Aplaten believes in equipping the group with the latest technology even as it strives to preserve the fine points of the culture they inherited. “We joined [TAYO Awards] because this is a rare opportunity for the nation to learn about the efforts of the members. Being part of the youth is a gift. You have all the idealism and strength. You should make use of your time and energy in worthwhile activities that not only benefit you as a person but the entire community as well,” she said.

The complete lists of winning organizations are:

  1. Legazpi City’s AUL-S.T.A.G.E. (Sama-samang Tinig ng mga Aktor na Gumagalaw sa Entablado
  2. Kalibo, Aklan’s Aklan Catholic College Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (ACCJPIA)
  3. Muntinlupa City’s Indak Kabataan Youth Organization (IKYO)
  4. Quezon City’s Linangan sa Imahen, Retorika at Anyo (LIRA)
  5. Baguio City’s University of Cordillera Hapiyoh Mi Cultural Group
  6. Tacloban City’s Alyansa ng mga Kristyanong Mag-aaral – Responsible Nga Balikatan Han Mga Kabataan (AKMA-RESBAK)
  7. Cebu City’s Industrial Engineering Council (IEC) of CIT University
  8. Maguindanao’s Young Mindanawans Peace Builders (YMPB)
  9. Zamboanga City’s Youth Solidary for Peace
  10. Misamis Oriental’s Association of Locally Empowered Youth in Northern Mindanao (Aley NM).

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About Lenovo

Lenovo (HKSE: 992) (ADR: LNVGY) is a US$21 billion personal technology company serving customers in more than 160 countries, and the world’s second-largest PC vendor. Dedicated to building exceptionally engineered PCs and mobile internet devices, Lenovo’s business is built on product innovation, a highly-efficient global supply chain and strong strategic execution. Formed by Lenovo Group’s acquisition of the former IBM Personal Computing Division, the company develops, manufactures and markets reliable, high-quality, secure and easy-to-use technology products and services. Its product lines include legendary Think-branded commercial PCs and Idea-branded consumer PCs, as well as servers, workstations, and a family of mobile internet devices, including tablets and smart phones. Lenovo, a global Fortune 500 company, has major research centers in Yamato, Japan; Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, China; and Raleigh, North Carolina. For more information see


Press Contacts:           

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556-3106                                                                       846-7960

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tayo.secretariatFilipino Youth Powers Nation Building With DO Machines

TAYO 10 Launches: Search for 10 best youth orgs in 2012 begins

Changing the nation one community at a time, this is what the TAYO Awards Foundation Inc. is doing. TAYO Foundation believes that the Philippines and its youth are destined for a brighter tomorrow. The Foundation has been searching for and recognizing youth organizations engaged in changing the lives of its members and their local community.

The Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations (TAYO) Awards Foundation, Inc. is proud to announce that it is officially launching TAYO 10. Starting on 24 February 2012, TAYO Foundation will be accepting search entries from all over the country.

Established in 2002, TAYO Foundation is regarded as one of the leading award-giving bodies for outstanding youth organizations in the Philippines.  It aims to discover and laud exceptional youth organizations that have contributed to the development of their local communities, schools, or work places, through their innovative projects. To date, more than 1000 youth organizations have joined the search and are now part of the fast-growing TAYO youth network.

TAYO Awards is done every year and is open to all youth groups, organizations, clubs, and societies whose membership and leadership are composed of at least 15 youth members (15-30 years old). The winning 10 youth organizations will receive cash grants of P50,000.00 each to fund existing or future projects.

This year marks TAYO Awards’ 10th anniversary. With the theme, TAYO [R]EVOLUTION: Isang Dekada ng Pagbabago, TAYO Foundation will be conducting activities this year aside from the annual search. For 2012, TAYO will look back at a decade of its history and evolution while it takes on the future, keeping the revolutionary spirit of the youth at its core.

There will be events to look forward to that will cater not only TAYO participants, alumni, and partners, but supporters and anyone interested as well.  To be updated about these events, like TAYO on Facebook and follow TAYO on Twitter.

To join, just fill out an entry from at Deadline for submission of entries is 16 July 2012. Text 0917 TXT-TAYO (898-8296) or e-mail [email protected] for information about the TAYO search.

TAYO 10 is presented by the Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines, Inc., and organized by the National Youth Commission alongside the Office of Senator Kiko Pangilinan. Also supporting the search are: Philippine Council of Young Political Leaders, Department of Social Welfare and Development, Lenovo Philippines, Jollibee, and Cebu Pacific.

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tayoadminTAYO 10 Launches: Search for 10 best youth orgs in 2012 begins

In praise of youth

Coca-Cola joins in the search for the top youth organizations

To further encourage the Filipino youth to become a catalyst for positive change, the Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines Inc. (CCFPI) has partnered with the Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations (Tayo) Awards Foundation Inc. to honor commendable endeavors of the best youth groups that are, more often than not, deprived of proper support from the society. The annual search brings to the fore the culture of excellence via collaboration and teamwork among the young.

“We believe in preparing the youth to be capable stewards of the nation. While so many awards are given to exceptional individuals but few groups are recognized for their exemplary work, it’s now time to put aside personalities and focus on what can be done collectively. By partnering with Tayo, we can amplify this and bring the ripples of positive change farther,” CCFPI president Maria Cecilia Alcantara said.

For their part, the Tayo secretariat said: “It’s an honor to be partners with a multinational company [Coca-Cola] that strives to make a positive difference in the world by redesigning the way their company works on their products with special consideration on the impact on the environment and the people who buy their products.”

Tayo Awards is a yearly competition that aims to discover and recognize exceptional youth groups that have contributed to the progress of their communities, schools or workplace via innovative and valuable projects.

This trust fits well with CCFPI’s mission to provide education and development opportunities to the Filipino youth, as such it did not take long for Coca-Cola to ally with Tayo Foundation—one of the leading award-giving bodies for outstanding youth in the Philippines—for its yearly awards. In 2006, CCFPI became the copresenter of the Tayo Awards. Two years later, it became the sole presenter.

“Being partners with the foundation has helped us tremendously in promoting the Tayo search nationwide, and Tayo winners and finalists are able to participate in different Coca-Cola events around the country,” the Tayo secretariat said.

As the primary partner of the Tayo search, the CCFPI has generously given its support in implementing the promotions and selection aspect of the awards by providing volunteers to the validation and screening. Furthermore, it gives the cash grants to the winning organizations.

“We are committed to long-term support to Tayo,” said Alcantara. “The Tayo winners continue to inspire us by their practical approaches, innovation, creativity, boldness and passion in addressing issues. In our pursuit of positive change, we try to do the same.”

Appreciative of CCFPI’s involvement in the long run, the Tayo Foundation is hopeful that this commitment will lead to “a deeper level,” with institutional partnerships that will result in a mainstream media campaign championing the cause of youth organizations and showcasing their vibrant spirit through Coca-Cola’s Live Positively campaign.

“We hope that this campaign not only enriches the lives of people watching, bringing the message of hope, but also encourage youth in different areas of the country that they could be catalysts for the change that their area needs,” the Tayo secretariat said.


Giving back

LIKE its founding organization and partner entities, the annual Tayo search not only has produced winners with innovative minds and revolutionary spirits, but are kind-hearted as well.

Take, for instance, Rupert Jason Musni, one of the 2008 Tayo Awards national winners. As president of the School of Business and Management Student Council of Xavier University Ateneo de Cagayan and the overall chairman and marketing head of the Mindanao Business and Management Youth Congress (MBMYC), he was given the chance to represent his organization in a youth development-oriented competition with the Congress as their project-entry.

Started in 2004, MBMYC is an annual gathering of business and management students in the six regions of Southern Philippines that serves as a benchmarking venue for an exchange of ideas and experiences. During the three-day summit, student-participants undergo workshops, seminars and competitions. With the long-term goal of enabling students become potential entrepreneurs and productive members of the society, a monitoring program of the 700 beneficiaries or the participants follows six months after the conclave.

“With this, we are proud that most of them created their own student enterprises. They created programs that benefited the community for community business development. Actually, the benefits range from their personal growth to the organizational and community growth and business,” Musni told the BusinessMirror in an interview. “Although at first we didn’t really expect it to be a National Winner during that time, I strongly believe that’s what made us win.”

Currently, MBMYC is still ongoing. The project has also spun off to a pioneering socio-civic youth organization called Cagayan de Oro Alliance of Students Supporting the Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow, or simply CDO Asset.

Thankful of his experience joining the Tayo search, which he considers helpful to the improvement of his leadership and competence, Musni gives back what he has gained in the competition. As field sales division assistant manager at Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) in Northern Mindanao, he was instrumental to the entry of BPI on the roster of Tayo Awards supporters, giving financial management training for the 20 finalists.

“Actually, it was a month of thinking how could available products of the bank actually help youth organizations. For the past nine years of implementing Tayo, we found out that most of the participating youth organizations do not have a strong financial framework. The cash grants of Coca-Cola Foundation for the finalists and winners are, more often than not, mismanaged. So BPI, in its own initiative, has partnered with Tayo Foundation to train these students,” Musni said.

First initiated during the National Finals last year, Tayo Foundation flew the 20 national finalists to the capital to undergo training at the BPI main office in Makati. They were given a banking and organizational wealth management training and a new module produced by the bank, which is especially designed for youth organizations. What’s more, BPI also gave trophy and cash grant of P10,000 for the Best Financially Managed Organization special awards.

“These supports that I suggested BPI to extend to Tayo Search as my way of giving back as its past winner will continue this year and, hopefully, in the years to come,” Musni revealed. “There are many youth initiatives out there hoping this search to also reach them to show the entire nation that youth can also effect change, and that they are a very powerful force.”

Now on its ninth year, the Tayo Awards is now open to youth groups, organizations, clubs and societies whose membership and leadership are composed of at least 15 members aged 15 to 30. At stake are cash grants of P50,000 to be given to 10 youth organizations to fund existing or future projects.

This year, Tayo aims to be more accessible online, with a newly updated web site, Interested youth organizations can both access information on the current search, and also submit entry forms online.

Deadline for submission of entries is on July 31. Entry forms may be also be downloaded from

Tayo 9 is presented by the CCFPI, and organized by the National Youth Commission, together with the Office of Senator Kiko Pangilinan. Also supporting the search are: The Department of Social Welfare and Development, Department of Agriculture, Philippine Information Agency, Ninoy and Cory Aquino Foundation, and the Philippine Center of Young Leaders in Governance Foundation Inc.

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Youth Leaders to take on the Journey of Ninoy and Cory Aquino in 2011

The Ninoy and Cory Aquino Foundation calls for applications to its youth leadership program, the Ninoy and Cory Aquino Leadership Journey, which will have 2 runs (May and November) for year 2011 at the Aquino Center, Tarlac.

In the Philippines today, there is an underlying culture of patronage, corruption and deceit. This has resulted in broken institutions, poverty, mistrust of government among citizens, and abuse of the underprivileged. A vacuum of moral leadership in critical areas of national life is impeding the country’s progress.

“It’s time to build a new nucleus of leaders that are grounded on spirituality,” NCAF President and Executive Director Rafael C. Lopa says. “From these young people, we can hopefully transform Philippine society.”

Using Ninoy and Cory Aquino as role models, the program seeks to reintroduce spirituality as a major foundation for Filipino leadership. Harnessing their innate values systems, the participants take part in a process of self-reflection that will ultimately lead to self-transformation and self-commitment for others and country.

“We were overwhelmed how the first batch of leaders accepted the program,” Lopa shares, “it was God at work when He inspired the young participants in choosing a life of love and service.”

The program invites the youth leaders to undergo a 3-day transformative experience and be living witnesses of leadership. It is the hope of the foundation that the young persons will be moved to commit to a life of service and mission through effective and impactful community work. The objectives of the program are:

• To reintroduce models of leadership based from the lives of Ninoy and Cory Aquino
• To realize that spirituality, faith and love are values that anchor one’s life
• To build communal experiences in spirituality with other youth leaders
• To respond to a life of love through the call for action
• To appreciate a life of sacrifice that is deeply rooted in one’s faith

The NCA Leadership Journey is open to all young Filipino citizens residing in the Philippines, 18 – 25 yrs. old, and at least a college sophomore (or the equivalent) at the time of the application period. He/she should be a current youth leader, has a passion for excellence and public service and has the ability to communicate well.

Interested applicants may download forms at, call up (02)892.5360 and (02)892.2950 or email [email protected] Application forms are to be sent to the following address:

iamninoy-iamcory Secretariat
The Ninoy and Cory Aquino Foundation
4/F Jose Cojuangco and Sons Building
119 Dela Rosa cor. Castro Streets Legazpi Village, Makati City

Deadline of application forms is on April 15, 2011, Firiday, 5:00 pm. Based from the application process, NCAF will select the Top 60 applicants who will participate in the NCA Leadership Journey on May (Batch 2) and November (Batch 3) at the Aquino Center, Tarlac.

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tayoadminYouth Leaders to take on the Journey of Ninoy and Cory Aquino in 2011

TAYO Youth Awards Launches 9th Search

The Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations Awards Foundation, Inc. or TAYO Foundation is proud to announce the opening of TAYO 9, the 9th Search for the best youth organizations in the country.

The TAYO Foundation, regarded as one of the leading award-giving bodies for outstanding youth in the Philippines, aims to discover and laud exceptional youth organizations that have contributed to the development of their local communities, schools or work place, through their innovative and valuable projects. Since 2002, over 1000 youth organizations have joined the annual Search for the Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations and are now part of the fast-growing TAYO youth network.

The TAYO Awards, now on its 9th year, is an annual search open to youth groups, organizations, clubs and societies whose membership and leadership are composed of at least 15 members who are 15-30 years old. At stake are cash grants of P50,000.00 to be given to 10 youth organizations to fund existing or future projects.

This year, TAYO aims to be more accessible online, with a newly updated website, Interested youth organizations can both access information on the current search, and also submit entry forms online.

It will be a TAYO first to accept “virtual entries” i.e. entries with requirements entirely submitted online. This will enable an even more far-reaching search—further allowing organizations from distant areas to submit their entries without cost.

Deadline for submission of entries is July 31, 2011. Entry forms may be also be downloaded from Text 0917 TXT-TAYO (898-8296) or e-mail [email protected] for information about the TAYO search.

TAYO 9 was launched via ceremonies coinciding with the release of the book entitled [R]evolutionaries. This maiden book commemorates the first 6 years of the TAYO search and the inspiring stories of TAYO awardees. [R]evolutionaries is available in all Fullybooked branches and the TAYO Secretariat.

TAYO 9 is presented by the Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines, Inc., and organized by the National Youth Commission alongside the Office of Senator Kiko Pangilinan. Also supporting the search are: The Department of Social Welfare and Development, Department of Agriculture, Philippine Information Agency, Ninoy and Cory Aquino Foundation, and the Philippine Center of Young Leaders in Governance Foundation, Inc.

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tayoadminTAYO Youth Awards Launches 9th Search