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Balik Kasiyahan sa Lansangan

Pinoy Malikhain – Balik kasiyahan sa Lansangan
Pinoy Malikhain
Taytay, Rizal

Pinoy Malikhain-Balik Kasiyahan sa Lansangan is upfront in its goal to bring about happiness and inspiration to less privileged street children and orphans in different adoption homes and day care centers through free puppet shows, arts and crafts, games, Bible storytelling, singing, and stress debriefing activities. The members of the organization aim to teach the children beneficiaries the importance of talents and on how to use these talents to inspire others. With the creative minds of the members, they have written different stories with moral lessons from the Bible which were brought to life through puppet playing. Puppets were made from various indigenous and recyclable materials such as rubber, PET bottles, used socks and used clothes.

Since its inception in 2006, Pinoy Malikhain has been reaching out to different street children, day care centers, and orphan homes in Rizal, Laguna, Marikina, and Metro Manila. They also went to help the people in Samar and Leyte after they were hit by Yolanda. For three months in 2014, they have performed puppet shows in different areas in Samar and Leyte to provide inspiration and to spark hope to the children and families who were victims of the onslaught of the typhoon.

tayoadminBalik Kasiyahan sa Lansangan
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