The Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations is all about finding, recognizing, and rewarding youth organizations that create their own spark so that others may also bask in the same light. With the TAYO program, we can prove that Filipino youth groups can change lives and turn the world around, because where others see only problems and despair, they see a call for action.

The Search aims to recognize, reward, and encourage youth organizations all over the country with programs and projects that help their communities. TAYO hopes to inspire more young people to find innovative solutions and to challenge status quo through the organizations to which they belong. As movers in their communities, they can make a difference in the lives of the people they desire to serve and in the cause they choose to espouse.

While TAYO began as a little-known award given to noteworthy youth efforts, it has since evolved into a widely-recognized honour for nation-building endeavours that increasing numbers of Filipino youths aspire for. In its 15 years running, it has succeeded in reaching over 1,000 youth organizations across the country and is lauded by different sectors of the society for its efforts.

The search for TAYO is open to all clubs, groups, organizations and societies whose membership and leadership are composed of at least five (5) members whose ages are 30 years old and below. Organizations are judged based on:

1. Their project’s impact on its stakeholders

2. The project’s means of harnessing the spirit of volunteerism

3. The project’s creativity and innovation

4. The project’s sustainability; and lastly,

5. The project’s effective use of resources

Apart from the prestigious recognition, winning organizations will receive a specially commissioned trophy sculpted by Mr. Toym De Leon Imao, and a grant of Php 50,000 intended to fund new projects or to continue their long-term programs, courtesy of TAYO’s presenters, Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines, Inc. and San Miguel Corporation.

This year, we envision the Search to be the point of convergence and collaboration among all organizations in the country. We would like to make the Search the source of newest innovative and creative ideas from the youth sector. We will introduce new methods of looking for the best organizations in the country by incorporating innovation and sustainability in the process. The Search will not only about competing with different organizations in the country but will rather highlight the opportunity for youth organizations to drastically improve their projects and the chance to collaborate with other organizations for new projects or ventures.


A country where youth organizations are the primary catalysts of change through innovative and creative solutions to the challenges faced by of the community.


  • Recognizing, rewarding, and encouraging youth organizations all over the country to implement programs and projects that will help their communities.
  • Inspiring more young people to act together in finding more innovative solutions.
  • Acting as the primary source of best practices among Filipino youth.
  • Establishing lasting partnerships and collaboration among TAYO winning organizations.


1. Team Work

2. Integrity

3. Excellence

4. Commitment to Nation-building

5. Love of Country


Sculptor Toym de Leon Imao executed the trophy. A proud product of the University of the Philippines, Imao is a highly regarded artist whose works have graced national monuments and parks, and which have been hailed as contributions of great historic and cultural significance.

For the TAYO Trophy, he took inspiration from the bayanihan spirit of the Filipino, as shown by the front relief of a group working hand in hand and sharing strength to attain its goals. Imao pays tribute to the collective efforts of a Filipino team, the artist portrays a lone individual harnessing a sail – capturing the spirit of active citizenry charting the path of the nation.

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