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2nd GenTAYO highlights youth positivity

16 August 2013–In line with the mission to turn the spotlight on the best of the Filipino Youth, TAYO launched GenTAYO last 3 June 2013. On its second year, GenTAYO was themed, simply, Youth+. Ten years of documenting youth stories of innovation, resilience, activism, and positivity, TAYO aimed to share the stories through the contest.

Contestants were to submit an unlimited number of entries to any of the categories: Culture & Arts, Education, Entrepreneurship, Environment, and Health. Voting was opened on 8 July and closed on 31 July 2013. Entries with the highest votes and with complete requirements were then rated by a panel of evaluators to ensure winning entries complied with the theme and were accompanied with the appropriate captions.

Combinations of high number of votes, quality captions, and passion, made the winners of GenTAYO 2013: Youth+ stand out from the rest. After 120 entries, 11 weeks, 6600 votes, and 5 (five) judges, the winning entries are as follows:

Gail Geriane
Catarman, Northern Samar

“In Northern Samar, the beach is man’s best friend. And boardsports is just one of the many interests that the youth possesses. This just shows how able today’s generation is for competence, confidence, and pouring a whole heart to fuel the passion.”


Make Every Filipino Child A Reader
Olen Osial
Legazpi City, Albay

“Captured unaware is a child seriously reading the pages of a handout given to their class. We deem it is necessary for children belonging to different sectors of the society to learn how to read. For the past months, the government has been very consistent in providing quality education for students (with the implementation of K-12 education). The sad reality though is that there are certain parts of our country, rural places to be exact that are hardly reached by these efforts. A few might have been, but not to the best and fullness of the capability of the implementing parties. Our cry is literacy for all – to make every Filipino child a reader, our cry is knowledge for all, our cry I education for all.”


Operation Shoebox
Jake Antenero
Zamboanga City

In line with its vision of citizenship and social responsibility, the Association of Blue Eagle and Centennial Scholars (ABECS) is paving way to fuel their desire of helping indigent and financially-disabled children on far-flung barangays through educational resources wrapped inside a shoebox.

Annually, ABECS dedicates itself of providing educational assistance to financially-deprived children. The members willingly solicit for help to several entities, advertise the project in different media, lovingly wraps the pencils, notebooks, ball pens, erasers and several other educational aid and distributes them to underprivileged children in various barangays. The shoeboxes are given during Christmas Season to let the kids feel the warmth of our passion of helping others and experience the value of gift-giving through colorfully wrapped gifts. The smiles of the kids keep us motivated and power our aspiration to forward our cause of educational development.

Just last year, ABECS has reached its goal of 2012 shoeboxes for year 2012 and have been distributed throughout the country but most especially to remote islands and barangays here in Zamboanga. Furthermore, ABECS qualified in the Mindanao Finals in TAYO 10 Competition.

With eight years of the project’s existence to eradicate educational flaws and embody the citizenship virtue of Ateneo, ABECS intends to continue its legacy of providing greater assistance to children in need.” 

Street Food
Olen Osial
Legazpi City, Albay

“A youth selling street food to earn for his education. Some of youth today is having a job in order for them to finish schooling or graduate and become a professional.”

A Conquest to a Sanity Life
Jake Antenero
Zamboanga City

Pursuing its mission to contribute to the welfare of the general public in terms of medical outreach, ABECS aspires to imbue the hygienic way of life to street children who are hanging around La Purisima, Zamboanga City through an informal lesson on maintaining good body hygiene and sanitation while giving them health kits.

Since 2011, the Association of Blue Eagle and Centennial scholars conducts their outreach, in the form of safeguarding the health of small little kids near Ateneo due to epidemic and sickness, i.e. colds, rashes, etc. which are observable from them. ABECS feels the necessity to instill to the young uneducated minds of street children, the essence of cleanliness on the conquest of upholding excellent health.

The dedicated scholars of the club nurtures the young children on the process of proper cleaning of hands, proper brushing of teeth and correct way of taking a bath. The kids, enlightened by the teachings of these scholars, are even exposed to practical demonstration as they use the health and sanitation kits distributed to them. The kits are by heart, made by the scholars themselves to further the cause of the project. The kits include soaps, shampoo, toothbrush, tooth paste and other several tools to maintain the children’s well-being.

Being true in its advocacy, ABECS carries on its goal of extending support to the deprived and expands its realms of providing sanitary health care kits to the prisoners in Zamboanga City this December, 2013.” 

Entries for the Environment category failed to meet the minimum score to be declared a winner. To fulfill the 5 (five) slots for winners, the next top scorer was identified from another category resulting in a double win in Education. Winners were awarded Php 5,000 each.

GenTAYO 2013: Youth+ was brought to you by TAYO Awards Foundation, Inc. and Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines, Inc.

tayo.secretariat2nd GenTAYO highlights youth positivity
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