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2BIG (Project BOHE)

2BIG (PROJECT B.O.H.E: Building Opportunities through Health and Environment)
Youth Working for Change (YWC)
Municipalities of Tipo-Tipo and Lantawan, Basilan Province

Youth Working for Change is an organization whose members came from conflict- affected areas in the various municipalities of Basilan province. 2BIG Project is a water system program of the organization which provided water systems in various communities in the province of Basilan, the project dubbed as 2BIG connotes for “tubig” meaning water and it also connotes 2 big projects done in the local area. The project is an initiative of the organization to provide access to water especially potable water which has been one of the major problems in the community. Before the project was implemented, community members usually gets water through waterfalls or rivers which are very far from their houses. The project paved way in solving the problems of personal hygiene and health sanitation in the communities.

The project now helps almost 40 households in Limpo-UPas in the Municipality of Tipo-Tipo and almost 50 households in Barangay Atong-Atong in the Municipality of Lantawan, both situated in Basilan.

tayoadmin2BIG (Project BOHE)
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